Faculty Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments

Cornerstone University professors are involved in research, publishing, and many other academic activities outside the classroom. Along with their rigorous pursuit of knowledge and excellence in their fields, CU professors put their students' education first, pushing them to higher levels of learning and intellect.  

Faculty Accomplishments 

Congratulations to David Kennedy, retired GRTS Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Dr. Brenda King, Professor of Sociology

They were inducted into the Cornerstone University Faculty Hall of Honor on February 7, 2014 at the Winter Gala.  

Cynthia Beach,  Assistant Professor of English

Prof. Cynthia Beach and Prof. David Beach (PGS Enhanced Adjunct Professor) contributed devotionals to Zondervan’s new grief bible, Hope in the Mourning (2013).

Nigel Crompton, Professor of Biology

Dr. Crompton will be presenting on " Neurotransmission and its Potential Role at the Mind/Brain Interface" at the “Science & Faith” conference in Stuttgart, Germany in March 2014. 

Jonathan Greer, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Greer wrote "Dinner at Dan: An Exegetical and Archaeological Exploration of Sacred Feasting at Iron Age II Tel Dan.”  Culture and History of the Ancient Near East Series. Leiden/Boston: Brill. 

In January of 2014, Dr. Greer & Dr. Turner led the development and implementation of the Israel Study Tour course.  The course combines extensive travel within Israel and the Palestinian territories, on-site exploration of archaeological remains, and a detailed study of the history, culture, and geography of region with an emphasis on illuminating the world of the Bible. The course, or its on-campus alternative, is now a requirement for the GRTS M.Div. curriculum and is heavily subsidized by a generous donor. 

Rachel Hammond, Assistant Professor of Business

Prof. Hammond has been accepted to the doctoral program at Anderson University.

Rob Keys, Associate Professor of Science

Dr. Keys gave a presentation at the 2014 Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference, March 7-8, 2014, on The Black Box Mystery - a workshop investigating how to teach the nature of science and scientific modeling to students in the science classroom.

Dr. Keys also gave a presentation at the 2014 Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative Workshop, - March 20-22, 2014, on An analysis of vegetative structure in the choice of nesting habitat by
Midwestern songbirds - a paper presentation on the development of a model to assess habitat types for potential songbird nesting success.

Jonathan Marko, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology

Dr. Marko's article "Justification, Ecumenism, and Heretical Red Herrings in John Locke's The Reasonableness of Christianity" was accepted for publication in the Philosophy and Theology Journal.

Dr. Marko’s book review of Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works by James K. A. Smith will be published in the Calvin Theological Journal in April, 2014.

In March Dr. Marko was invited to speak at two workshops at the Church Ministries Conference in Grand Rapids on "Herding Cats vs. Shepherding Head Sheep: Leading (or Dragging) Small Group Leaders to Green Pastures and Still Waters amidst a Culture of Busyness and Distraction."

Pete Muir, Associate Professor of Media and Communication & Media Division Chair

Congratulations to Dr. Muir!  He successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013, and will graduate from Western Michigan University in December, 2013.

Rick Ostrander, Provost

Dr. Ostrander’s new book Reconsidering College is featured in two publications: Inside Higher Education and The Christian Post.

Michael Pasquale, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Humanities Division Chair

Dr. Pasquale was elected to the board of directors of the Michigan TESOL organization and presented a paper at their annual conference.  

Don Perini, Associate Professor of Ministry and Creativity

Prof. Perini’s book, Emerge, was released on February 2, 2014.

Ryan Roberts, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Roberts presented a paper titled “The Democratization of Prophet and Message in the Eighth Century BCE” at the Midwest Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Bourbonnais, Illinois, February 2014.

Martin Spence, Assistant Professor of History

Prof. Spence is the recipient of the Scouloudi Research Award by the Institute of Historical Research in London.  Prof. Spence is completing a book on nineteenth-century Evangelicalism which will be published next year.

Brad Stamm, Professor of Economics

Dr. Stamm has received a scholar’s fellowship to attend Acton University in the summer of 2014. This four-day conference is held in Grand Rapids, Mich., and brings together professors, graduate students, and other instruction on the intellectual foundations of a free and virtuous society.

Dr. Stamm also attended the American Economic Association conference in Philadelphia January 2 – 5, 2014. Those in attendance included Ben Bernanke, the former President of Mexico, and multiple Nobel Prize Winners.

Michael Stockale, Music Division Chair, Contemporary Christian Music Director, Associate Professor of Music

Prof. Stockdale performed with the Grand Rapids Guitar Quartet (GRGQ) hosted by the First Congregational Church in Battle Creek - the final concert of their Sunday 2013-14 chamber music series.  The concert program featured Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.6 as well as music of Brazil, Spain and England.  The program also included an original piece, Revolutions 6 written for the GRGQ by Andrew Bergeron.

Sandra Upton, PGS Dean of Business Programs

Dr. Upton wrote the chapter “Preparing Adult Learners for Global Influence” in the second  edition of Best Practices in the Integration of Faith and Learning for Adult and Online Learners.  Dr. Upton presented at the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Global Summit in Los Angeles, CA.  She also presented on CQ at the International Business Faulty Institute Conference at Michigan State University and to  MBA students at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Michael Wittmer, Professor of Systematic Theology

Dr. Wittmer wrote “Despite Doubt:  Embracing a confident Faith”, Discovery House Publishers.