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News July 20, 2018

Last month, Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand, where ABTS has a unique cohort, experienced severe flooding. The camp is home to an estimated 40,000 refugees and many, if not all, have been affected by the devastating situation. Because there was no time to retrieve belongings, much of the bare necessities that the community possessed has been lost. People are transporting things with boxes, boats and broken refrigerators, wading through waist-level waters. It’s hard to imagine those who already have so little and living in such a harsh environment having to endure even more tribulation.

We were able to get in touch with Saw Alwyn, the head of Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School & College (KKBBSC), for an update on the situation.

The flooding that took place at the college occurred during the church service. In response, church members and Bible school students helped to rescue people and do what was possible to protect the church facilities and classrooms.

The impact to the Bible school and surrounding area has been significant. The road and bridge leading to the school have been destroyed along with houses nearby. The school itself has experienced electrical damage. The ABTS side of the school has broken doors, tables and chairs.

At the time of the update, there were also three children missing.

School has been suspended for several days for cleaning and restoration. Slowly, recovery is taking place. Though the rain has stopped for now, the rainy season continues into August.

Let us join together in prayer for the people of Mae La during this difficult time. Especially lifting up our brothers and sisters at KKBBSC, that in these moments of hardship, their faith would shine and be a beacon of hope to those around them.

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