Please answer all questions on this application completely. Omitted items will prohibit your submitting this application. Your acceptance will be determined by an evaluation of the quality of your college achievement record, all subsequent educational experiences, your English proficiency, and your Christian commitment and service. Contact your country coordinator or the ABTS office to ask about taking the English exam.

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We limit enrollment to those students who seek to live in conformity with the teaching of Scripture and to fulfill their responsibilities as students and Christians.
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I agree to seek to obey every divine command in order to maintain a right relationship with God, fellow man, and the created order.
I agree to participate in Christian service and faithfully attend a local church.
I agree to study carefully and complete course work to the best of my abilities.
Please read and carefully consider our "Statement of Christian Faith," found on our website.
If you have reservations about either the doctrinal statement or standard of conduct, please note here:
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ABTS aims to accomplish its mission through an integrated program of biblical, theological, and professional studies delivered through a combination of distance education courses and residence seminars offered in selected cities in Asia. Educational activities endeavor to provide training within the context of the student's life, work, and ministry.

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