Graduate Evaluation


You have been asked to evaluate an ABTS student before their graduation.

Please evaluate the graduate in the areas of ministry competency and spiritual maturity. We will be grateful for any comments you make about the effectiveness of the graduate’s ministry, but we are especially looking for growth you have seen in the student during his/her study program. Have you noticed particular areas of improvement? Has his/her teaching ministry shown increased depth? Has he/she more effectively integrated his/her faith in the workplace? Are you aware of new ideas and/or course content that have been applied from his/her classes?

Please also explain any disappointments you’ve had with the graduate’s growth in each area. The purpose of this report is to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the ABTS degree programs. Your answers will benefit future students. They will not jeopardize the graduation of this candidate, nor will the graduate read your comments.

To print and mail in a paper copy, please download the form here. Mail to the ABTS Headquarters.

To submit this evaluation online, please fill out the form below:

ABTS Graduation Ministry Evaluation
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