Master of Religious Education - Marketplace


Where is God in my workplace?

Integrate your faith with the new marketplace ministries concentration.

As Asian cities experience dynamic growth and global influence, the need has never been greater for Christian professionals to be salt and light in the workplace. The new marketplace concentration at Asia Biblical Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University will help you not only deepen your understanding of God and His Word, but also learn how to integrate that knowledge in the workplace. The Master of Religious Education is an 11 course US degree program accredited through Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. All courses are offered in modular format during evenings and weekends, allowing you to continue working while pursuing your degree.

Course Details

The MRE Marketplace Concentration is an 11-course program designed to help lay professionals integrate their faith with the workplace by providing biblical and theological foundations for a theology of work.

Degree Requirements

  • Currently engaged in a marketplace context with evidence of commitment to Christ and moral character and conduct.
  • Completion of 11 courses with at least a 2.5 grade point average.
  • Completion of a minimum of 2 classes in biblical studies, 2 classes in theology, and 4 classes in the Marketplace Ministries area of concentration.
  • Submission of a student portfolio demonstrating growth in spiritual development, workplace integration skills and ability in the Word as a result of the student's educational experience in this degree program.

Core Studies

THL500 Introduction to Graduate Theological Education
BIB501 Biblical Hermeneutics Bible Elective
THL572 Christian Worldview Theology Elective

Area of Concentration (Choose Four)

MNS500 Spiritual Formation
MNS551 Theology and Culture
MNS510 Organizational Leadership
MNS564 Urban Mission and Ministry
MNS515 Vocation, Work and Ministry
MNS626 Interpersonal Communication
MNS516 Christian Ethics in the Workplace
MNS788 Readings in Marketplace Ministries
MNS534 Evangelism/Discipleship Ministries


Cohorts are forming now in Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong.

Contact the ABTS office, or our country coordinators, for more information.

Singapore: Mr. Vincent Ho
Hong Kong: ABTS Office