When to submit this report: 6 months to one year after the course is completed.

Expected length: 1-3 pages

To print and mail this form, please download, fill out, and send it to the ABTS Headquarters office.

To submit online, please fill out the form below.

ABTS will send a copy to the professor of the course.

Minimum requirement: Three Follow-Up Reports are required for each degree program.

About the Follow Up Report

From each course that you take in your ABTS master’s program, we hope that you will discover some new ideas that you want to try in your ministry or workplace situation. You might also decide to teach or preach a series of lessons/sermons using class materials. After you have had time to apply what you have learned in class to your ministry or workplace, you need to analyze how the plan worked out in practice.

The Follow Up Report outline has a series of ideas that will help you to think about what happened. We don’t necessarily expect that you will answer every question, but we do want an honest report telling details about the plan, the results, why you think it turned out the way it did and what you learned.

Don’t forget that failures can be good learning experiences; we want to hear about both failures and successes. It is possible that you will try to put into practice something that you learned, but then decide that this wasn’t such a good idea after all – or perhaps your colleagues will vote against the idea. This doesn’t mean you can’t write a good report. Just tell us why you decided against the idea, or why you think other people reacted the way they did, and what you learned from the whole experience.

Please note that these reports must be connected specifically to something you learned in one of your classes and must include analysis and evaluation. General descriptions of disconnected ministry or workplace experiences will not fulfill this requirement.

Ministry Follow Up
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Give a short description of the ministry or workplace innovation attempted, or your teaching notes. *
Discussion of ministry/workplace experience results for students who taught their lesson:
Explain whether you felt the activity was successful or not, and why.
What did you do to plan for the activity and what was the result?
How did the activity impact your class, colleagues or congregation?
What were some of the influential factors in the results of your activity?
What lessons did you learn and what would you do differently next time?
If you were unable to put the innovation into practice, please respond:
If you changed your mind about your plan, tell us why.
If you were hindered from completing the project, please explain.
If your idea was rejected, please explain how you prepared and presented your idea.
If your idea was rejected, who rejected it and why?
Do you agree with the decision to reject your plan?
What lessons did you learn and would you plan differently next time?

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