Summative Evaluation

Summative Evaluation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from ABTS!

This evaluation is required for all students who wish to graduate. 

Section 1: Evaluation of Personal Growth

This section should form the major part of the report and should demonstrate your ability for critical self-analysis. In which of the listed areas do you think you have grown as a direct result of your study program? Please give specific courses or activities that have aided in this growth, as well as supporting evidence for growth. If you feel that the courses did not help you to grow in some of these areas, tell how you think the program could be changed to help students more in a particular area.

Section 2: Evaluation of the Program

Answers to the questions in this section can be relatively short.

Summative Student Evaluation
Section 1
Please choose a rating and write a paragraph of explanation for each category:
Personal spiritual life *
Please explain *
Ministry or workplace skills *
Please explain *
Biblical knowledge and interpretation *
Please explain *
Theological Understanding *
Please explain *
Commitment to ministry *
Please explain *
Building a network of colleagues *
Please name colleagues you believe will prove helpful to your ministry or workplace context *
Section 2
What did you appreciate most about your degree program? *
What disappointed you about your program? What could be done to improve it? *
What would you do differently if you were starting over? *
What advice would you give to new ABTS students? *
Will you recommend this program to friends and colleagues? Why or why not? *

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