Understanding matters.

A variety of online courses are available for students in need of elective credits and for those not seeking a degree.

Please Note: Current enrolled students must consult with their academic adviser prior to registering for a course, ensuring the course qualifies as elective credit for their degree program and does not exceed their respective grade levels. Courses may be used as electives as long as they do not duplicate previous course work.

Available Courses

Please Note: Cornerstone University reserves the right to cancel online classes due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

Tuition and Fee Information

  • Tuition Rates:
    • $340 per credit hour for undergraduate courses taken by non-degree and PGS students
    • $460 per credit hour for graduate courses (i.e. EDU courses)
    • Regular block tuition rates: Apply for students enrolled in traditional undergraduate programs at Cornerstone University.
  • Educational Resource Fee: $125 per individual online course
    This fee covers all required textbook costs, including shipping and handling. You can expect to receive your textbooks on the day your course opens in Moodle.
  • Technology Fee: $40 per course
    This fee is required for PGS and non-degree students, covering web-based learning management system costs, library support, access to electronic databases, an e-mail account and technology support for using Cornerstone University systems.

Course Descriptions

Bible, Ministry & Theology

  • IDS-220: Christian Worldview (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An introduction to the development and function of the Christian worldview which includes an examination of the philosophical and theological foundations for a Christian view of reality, knowledge, ethics, and aesthetics. The course compares and contrasts the Christian worldview with those of naturalism, humanism, and transcendentalism.
  • REL-235: Introduction to Old Testament Wisdom Literature (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An introductory survey of the Old Testament Books of Wisdom including a study of their major themes, characteristics of Hebrew poetry and principles that can be applied to Christian living.
  • REL-234: Writings of Paul (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A survey of the writings of Paul including backgrounds, themes, outlines and distinguishing features with special attention given to the book of Romans.
  • MGT-319: Strategy and Planning for Ministry Organizations (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An examination of the successful and unsuccessful strategic planning practices in organizations with emphasis on the role of strategic planning in strengthening the ministry organization. Practical applications direct leaders in creating a planning process for their organizations.
  • Self-Paced Courses: The following are self-paced courses. You may complete the work according to your own schedule; however, all work must be completed within the scheduled 8 weeks.
    • REL-246: New Testament Survey I (3 credit hours, 8 weeks)
      An overview of the New Testament Scriptures Matthew-Acts, guiding one to understand the historical and biblical context of the New Testament. A $90.00 resource fee covers the cost of all required resources for this course. All resources will be accessible directly from the course.
    • REL-248: New Testament Survey II (3 credit hours, 8 weeks)
      An overview of the Pauline Letters, General Epistles, and Revelation, guiding one to understand the historical and biblical context of the New Testament. A $90.00 resource fee covers the cost of all required resources for this course. All resources will be accessible directly from the course.
    • REL-242: Old Testament Survey I (3 credit hours, 8 weeks)
      An overview of the Old Testament from Genesis to Job, noting its historical perspective and spiritual application. A $90.00 resource fee covers the cost of all required resources for this course. All resources will be accessible directly from the course.
    • REL-244: Old Testament Survey II (3 credit hours, 8 weeks)
      An overview of the Old Testament from Proverbs to Malachi, noting its historical perspective and spiritual application. A $90.00 resource fee covers the cost of all required resources for this course. All resources will be accessible directly from the course.

Business Courses

  • BUS-242: Biblical Principles of Personal Finance (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A survey of the relationships between biblical principles and personal finances. Using materials from Crown Financial Ministries Inc., the topics covered include stewardship, debt counsel, honesty, giving, work, investing, perspectives, budgeting and eternity from a biblical perspective.
  • BUS-339: Creating Workplace Spirituality (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An exploration of the opportunities to mix an individual's Christian faith with everyday business interactions. Students explore the concepts of finding meaning in a chosen work and the challenges that come to a religious workforce. Emphasis includes developing a working biblical definition of integrating work and faith and understanding the impacts of integrating spirituality in the workplace.

Communication and English Courses

  • ENG-363: C.S. Lewis and His Life of Faith (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A focus on the life and philosophy of C.S. Lewis through the analysis of selections from his fiction and non-fiction works.
  • COM-335: Greatest Speeches (3 credit hours, 5 weeks)
    A study of speeches that made a difference. This may include historical speeches, contemporary speeches and business presentations that had a great impact on the audience. Speeches examined include those of Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Sojourner Truth, Michael Eisner and others.

Education Courses

  • EDU-566: Reading Diagnostic Tools and Remediation (3 credit hours, 7 weeks)
    An introduction to diagnostic tools and remediation strategies within the context of the differentiated instruction model. The course incorporates instruction in the following areas: interest inventories, English language learning, visual and auditory discrimination tools, language expression and processing screening, phonemics, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling, writing and writing assessment tools and best practice instructional strategies in all areas of literacy.
  • EDU-590: Independent Study
    An independent study for students who have already graduated from Cornerstone's MAED Curriculum and Instruction track and desire principal certification.  This independent study will provide opportunity for students to be recommended for principal certification by completing EDU-531, EDU-533, EDU-535, EDU-537, EDU-695 and  EDU-590.

Math and Science Courses

  • MAT-120: Contemporary Math (3 credit hours, 7 weeks)
    An introductory math course designed to develop skills that have practical usage in a business setting and daily life experience. The course reviews basic mathematical concepts, develops skills with algebraic expressions and expands to several topical applications including number properties, equations and inequalities, percentages, finance, interest, geometric figures, probabilities, graphs, and statistics.
    • Contemporary mathematics in business today is accomplished with the aid of technology. Employers today expect that employees can use the technology available along with their understanding of mathematics to solve numerically-based problems. Thus an important goal in this course is for you to learn to use calculators properly as tools to assist you in solving the mathematical problems that will be assigned. The TI 34 MultiView™ is recommended for this course. It is available at major department stores and office supply stores for about $20. If you have access to a graphing calculator, you can use it instead of the TI 34 Multiview. Two other models of calculators, the TI-30X IIS and TI-30X IIB are nearly identical to the recommended calculator and are acceptable substitutes.
    • The Web site http://www.education.ti.com has a guidebook for the recommended calculator that can be downloaded and printed. It gives the specific keystrokes for using the calculator to solve many different types of problems. From the homepage, choose Products, then Scientific Calculators. Choose the specific model. Click Downloads in the left margin and then select Guide Books.
  • ECO-243: Natural Resources Management (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An exploration of the role of natural resource agencies in developing, sustaining and protecting natural resources. Emphasis is placed on the history of natural resources management in Michigan, management philosophies, politics that impact natural resources, species and ecology management, sustainability and carrying capacity.
    • As part of the Educational Resource Fee (Associates Level) charged for this course, all required textbooks will be shipped to students 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course.

Social Science and Family Studies Courses

  • SOC-261: Grief and Loss, Death and Dying (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An exploration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of death and dying, and the process of bereavement, in the context of psychology and human services. Students will explore issues related to dying and bereaved persons, and develop their own psycho-social framework for understanding and facing death, terminal illness, life-threatening violence, grief, and loss. Issues of worldview, beliefs about evil, suffering, and life after death will be considered.
  • SOC-232: Marriage and Family (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An examination of the structure and function of marriage and family life from a biblical perspective. Topics include mate selection, parenting, divorce, transition in relationships and the family life cycle. Students are exposed to difficult family issues such as blended families, spousal infidelity, midlife crisis and grief and loss in the home.
  • FAM-212: Parenting (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A study of parenting and child development with a special focus on biblical parenting. The physical and spiritual development of the child from birth through the teen-age years is also emphasized. 

History Courses

  • HIS-326: The American Civil War (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A study of the Civil War focusing on topics such Civil War medical practice, prisons, Negroes in the Civil War, constitutional issues, conscientious objectors, Copperhead activity, desertion and the life of the common soldier rather than on generals and battles.
  • HIS-225: Modern World History (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    An exploration of modern history addressing five regions that cover the entire world over the time period from the 1950's until today. Emphasis is on how the ending of the Second World War as well as the Cold War, industrialism, religious conflict, terrorism, and modern technology are affecting the world of today. This course will also take into account the increasing importance of political revolutions, nationalism, and the interdependence of nations, as they developed in order to give the student insight into the present world as it is moving through the 21st Century.

Music Courses

  • MUS-262: Exploring Western Music (3 credit hours, 6 weeks)
    A survey of, and appreciation for, western music from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The course includes an introduction to music, composers and components from various time periods with an emphasis on different styles, historical settings, aesthetics and musical trends. Special focus is given to discerning and judging the value of music within the context of a Christian worldview.