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Reading Diagnostic Tools and Remediation (EDU-566)

  • Course Description: An introduction to diagnostic tools and remediation strategies within the context of the differentiated instruction model. The course incorporates instruction in the following areas: interest inventories, English language learning, visual and auditory discrimination tools, language expression and processing screening, phonemics, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling, writing and writing assessment tools and best practice instructional strategies in all areas of literacy.
  • Course Topics:
    • Fundamental Aspects of Literacy Learning
    • The Analytic Process of Instruction
    • Linguistic Diversity and English as a Second Language (ESL) Learner
    • Influences on Literacy Development
    • Direct and Indirect Literacy Assessment
    • Reading and Writing Connection
    • Word Recognition and Vocabulary
    • Reading Comprehension of Narrative and Expository Text
    • Comprehensive Language Arts Instructional Strategies
    • Study Skills
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Christian Worldview and Literacy Instruction
  • Course Textbook: Gipe, J. (2013). Multiple paths to literacy: Assessment and differentiated instruction for diverse learners, K–12 (8th ed.). Boston: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-284938-8.
  • Course Length: 7 Weeks
  • Credit Hours: 3

Independent Study (EDU-590)

  • Course Description: An independent study for students who have already graduated from Cornerstone's MAED Curriculum and Instruction track and desire principal certification.  This independent study will provide opportunity for students to be recommended for principal certification by completing EDU-531, EDU-533, EDU-535, EDU-537, EDU-695 and  EDU-590.
  • Course Topics:
    • Leading Change
    • Professional Associations
    • Curriculum Administration
    • Technology Administration Research
    • Christian Worldview Application to Problem Solving
  • Course Textbook: Reeves, D.B. (2009). Leading change in your school. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. ISBN: 978-1-4166-0808-0.