Learning from our past.

The American Civil War (HIS-326)

  • Course Description: A study of the Civil War focusing on topics such Civil War medical practice, prisons, Negroes in the Civil War, constitutional issues, conscientious objectors, Copperhead activity, desertion and the life of the common soldier rather than on generals and battles.
  • Course Topics:
    • Events Leading to the Firing on Fort Sumter
    • Civil War Prisons
    • The Political, Economic, and Military Issues Confronting the Confederacy
    • The Military Contribution of Blacks in the Civil War
    • Medical Practice During the Civil War
  • Course Length: 6 Weeks
  • Credit Hours: 3

Modern World History (HIS-225)

  • Course Description: An exploration of modern history addressing five regions that cover the entire world over the time period from the 1950's until today. Emphasis is on how the ending of the Second World War as well as the Cold War, industrialism, religious conflict, terrorism, and modern technology are affecting the world of today.

    This course will also take into account the increasing importance of political revolutions, nationalism, and the interdependence of nations, as they developed in order to give the student insight into the present world as it is moving through the 21st Century.
  • Course Objectives:
    • Place the History of America in the Proper Perspective of World History
    • Identify the Forces that have Shaped a New Global Culture
    • Discuss the Enduring Issues that Face the World Today
    • Interpreting Historical Situations and Events in the Light of Our Own Unique Christian World and Life View
  • Course Length: 6 Weeks
  • Credit Hours: 3