Preparation for Success.

Each semester, the Learning Center staff teaches a course called Learning Strategies (CLC100). This two-credit course is designed to be an introduction to university learning strategies and to provide each student with an opportunity to assess learning styles, priorities, values, and cognitive skills. The course features a combination of lecture, group activities, guest speakers, personal assessment inventories and study skills development exercises. Some topics the course addresses include:

  • Time management and academic organization
  • Goal setting
  • Academic motivation
  • Academic planning and course selection
  • Effective textbook reading
  • Listening and note-taking in class
  • Personal strengths and learning styles
  • Test taking strategies

Any student seeking to enhance their academic skills may register for Learning Strategies. Learning Strategies is a required course for students who are conditionally accepted to Cornerstone University. It may also be required for students who fall into academic probation.