Getting the Help you need.

The Learning Center offers free tutoring for any traditional undergraduate course taught at Cornerstone. We hire academically successful student tutors. The Tutor Coordinator works closely with professors who provide recommendations of students who have successfully mastered the course material and would be good at assisting peers as a tutor. A student requesting a tutor for a particular course will be matched with a tutor who has a major in that field or has completed the course. Students may receive one hour of tutoring per week, per course.

The process for requesting a tutor is simple. Complete a Tutor Request Form, which is available on the CU Portal or from the Learning Center. Have the form signed by your professor and return it to the Learning Center. Then, we will match you with a tutor. All information is kept strictly confidential. Tutoring sessions take place in the Learning Center and they are private, one-on-one meetings.

Students request tutoring for a variety of reasons – you do not need to be failing a class. Common reasons for requesting a tutor include: a desire to review course content and concepts, to improve grades or to improve performance on exams and assignments.

Student Testimonials

A student who tutors anatomy & physiology says:

“I enjoy tutoring because I love the look on someone's face when they finally understand. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and stressed because you think there is no way you can do well in a certain class, so I can empathize. The best part of all is when someone comes to me proud because they accomplished something they previously thought was impossible. That makes this the best job ever.”

A student who received tutoring in math says:

“Having a tutor really helped me to understand what I was learning so I could do well on assignments, quizzes and tests. I did much better after I got a tutor.” When asked the best thing about tutoring, the student said that tutoring gives “a fresh perspective on the material from someone who already understands the subject and can explain it in a new way.”