Become equipped to help others thrive.

Human Services

Many organizations exist to help vulnerable, disadvantaged, or otherwise marginalized people participate more fully in society. Cornerstone University PGS offers a human services degree program designed to develop the professional skills of individuals working in either secular or faith-based human services organizations to help those in need.

Human Services Program Goals

Cornerstone PGS offers a 62-credit Associate of Science in Human Services that provides meaningful entry-level skills and understanding of the field. Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Communicate and write effectively
  • Understand the sociological, psychological, and philosophical underpinnings of society
  • Navigate intercultural relations productively
  • Understand principles of counseling and interviewing
  • Connect Christ-centered principles to the goals of their career path

The program includes observation and work experience requirements, ensuring students have real-world opportunities to connect theory and practice.


A degree in psychology is not only a necessary qualification for those interested in therapy - its theories and practices can also apply to business, education, ministry, and many other career paths. The Professional & Graduate Studies Division offers a psychology degree program designed to empower students to build a meaningful life by enabling them to tap into and develop their talents to help others.

Psychology Program Goals

All of Cornerstone's PGS degree programs are designed to empower students to build a meaningful life, by enabling them to tap into and develop their talents to reach others. Our 46-credit Bachelor of Science in Psychology completion program is no different. Graduates of this program should understand:

  • How humans develop throughout their lifespan
  • Principles of psychological research
  • Statistical analysis
  • Counseling theories and techniques
  • Current psychology trends and the history of the field 

This program's Christ-centered curriculum will challenge students to become reflective Christian practitioners in whatever role they pursue.

Full course descriptions and admission requirements for the Associate of Science in Human Services or Bachelor of Science in Psychology programs can be found in our course catalog. You can also contact an admissions representative today to learn more about whether this program is right for you.