Learning communities matter.

The Ed.D. degree program follows an accelerated online format and can be completed in three years. Courses are eight weeks in duration and are completed one course at a time.

Three of the courses begin with a three-day face-to-face intensive session on the Cornerstone University campus. This format provides maximum program flexibility for schedules, while providing opportunities for in-person peer and faculty support.

To build and foster a sense of community, a typical week for cohort participants is structured as follows:

  • A week begins on Tuesday morning and ends on the following Monday night at 11:59 p.m.
  • Objectives, readings and assignments are organized in Moodle, an online learning management portal.
  • Assignment drop boxes and discussion forums are made available each week.
  • Students are expected to read assignments, write papers, participate in discussion forums and post submissions to drop boxes for faculty to review, read and grade, returning them with comments and feedback.

Prior to the course start date, each course syllabus will be made available and required books will be delivered to students. Specific details of the attendance policy and requirements will be provided by the faculty at the start of each course.

Online Learning Model

With quality students, well-respected and knowledgeable faculty, and student-centered curriculum built with adult learning principles in mind, online education is as effective as on-ground education. Benefits of online learning for the adult student include:

  • The convenience to complete a degree that otherwise would not be possible given participants' busy schedules.
  • The disciplined rigor required in discussion forum posting, vetting the words and comments written and integrating outside sources into the discussion.
  • Many faculty members in the program hold weekly virtual sessions to clarify expectations, giving students a voice and helping build community within the cohort.