Your influence matters.

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and Development degree program equips you to respond to workplace situations with evidence-based decisions. As an adult student, you'll translate research literature to actionable models, understand leadership principles in the context of biblical virtues and network with a diverse group of professional peers.

According to Dr. Jeff Savage, former dean of business for the Professional & Graduate Studies division, the Ed.D. program prepares students to lead meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

We are called to redeem this world for God's purposes; the Ed.D. program is designed to help current and emerging organizational leaders achieve that calling. Organizational life happens to be where we spend most of our time, so improved organizational decision making and performance is ultimately about glorifying God by doing well what He has charged us to do.

Program Purpose

The selection of a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) is intentional. Seeking to leverage the long-standing and classic purpose of this degree program's orientation toward practitioner scholarship, our Ed.D. is designed to help professionals apply research and theory to solve local problems of practice at work.

An Ed.D., like all other terminal degrees, confers the title of "doctor" on its recipients. More importantly, though, it equips you to improve your life and those of the people with whom you work by giving you evidence-based practices in leadership and organizational development. As a Christ-centered university, our program roots the study of leadership in biblical virtues, focusing on a leader's responsibilities as a steward of other people's lives.

Learn more about the characteristics and purpose of an Ed.D. degree by watching a video clip of a presentation given by Dr. Savage.

Is the Ed.D. program for me?

You have the capacity to lead change in your organization. And how you choose to synthesize research, formulate decisions, extend influence and enact values matters. Email us your questions to learn more about the Ed.D. and how it aligns with your goals.

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