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The Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction concentration is a graduate-level academic program designed to prepare you as a current educator to deliver advanced classroom instruction for a wide range of student learning styles, motivations and abilities.

Curriculum for the program is conceptually developed around the objectives found in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). While Cornerstone University cannot offer National Teacher Certification, you can consider this possibility by working directly with the NBPTS.


Graduate studies in education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction prepare you to take the next step in equipping your students to succeed. Earn your master's degree and experience the opportunity to:

  • Integrate new theories of instruction into your classroom.
  • Diversify subject areas for your teaching experience.
  • Be equipped to write curriculum to benefit your school or district.

Degree Program Requirements

This master's degree in education requires 35 credit hours, which includes 12 credit hours of vocationally-focused concentration classes. On average, this full-time degree program takes 24 months with 78 weeks of class to complete.

For complete course descriptions and information about CU academic policies, see the PGS Graduate Academic Catalog.

Concentration Courses: 12 credit hours, 28 weeks

  • EDU-513: Student Motivation and Behavior
  • EDU-521: Instructional Strategies for Diverse Classrooms
  • EDU-525: Assessment for K-12 Students
  • EDU-527: Instructional Strategies for Students for Learning Disabilities

Core Courses: 23 credit hours, 50 weeks

  • EDU-511: Issues in Education
  • EDU-573: Technology
  • EDU-522: Curriculum, Assessment and Instructional Theory
  • EDU-553: Research
  • EDU-593: Master's Project A
  • EDU-566: Reading Diagnostic Tools and Remediation
  • EDU-524: Community Building and Educational Leadership
  • EDU-595: Master's Project B

Career Opportunities

As you advance your professional development with a master's degree in education, your experience will empower you to achieve your unique goals in the education field and beyond. The interactive graph below pulls data from over 40,000 job sites to show you what employers are looking for and what opportunities this degree can open up for you.

Use the tool functions to look at career opportunities in Grand Rapids, all of Michigan or even nationwide. Choose between seeing options filtered by salary or demand level. And if a specific industry or career is of interest to you, click on it for more details.