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Advanced standing brings your graduate degree within reach. Alumni of Cornerstone University's traditional undergraduate degree programs may qualify to waive up to four graduate-level courses in our Master of Arts in TESOL program.

Here's how you can earn your M.A. in TESOL in as few as 12-18 months through Cornerstone.

How It Works

Advanced standing can accelerate your path to more effectively serving others in teaching the English language. In addition, it increases the value of courses you've already taken by allowing you to use several courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

To qualify for advanced standing in the Master of Arts in TESOL program, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in or have earned a traditional undergraduate degree with a major in linguistics or a degree with a minor in linguistics or TESOL from Cornerstone within the past seven years.
  • Meet the minimum 3.0 G.P.A. requirement when you apply for the program and begin taking graduate-level courses.
  • Meet the admission requirements for the Master of Arts in TESOL program upon graduating with your undergraduate degree.

The TESOL Advanced Standing program is not available for international students who wish to enroll on an F-1 visa.

Advanced Standing Courses

Your undergraduate course work reduces the number of credit hours required to finish your M.A. in TESOL. Below are the graduate courses you will be exempt from if corresponding undergraduate courses have been completed:

  • LIN-525: Introduction to Linguistics—Waived if you've completed LIN-225: Introduction to Linguistics and LIN-461: Linguistic Analysis.
  • LIN-535: Advanced English Grammar—Waived if you've completed ENG-319: Advanced Grammar.
  • LIN-555: Sociolinguistics—Waived if you've completed LIN-372: Sociolinguistics.
  • LIN-556: Second Language Acquisition—Waived if you've completed LIN-371: Second Language Acquisition.

In addition, the following undergraduate-level course can be waived if the corresponding graduate-level course is completed during your undergraduate program:

  • LIN-465: Methods of Teaching Foreign Language—Waived if you complete graduate-level course LIN-565: TESOL Methodology I.

Required Courses

In addition to the advanced standing eligible courses, you will need to complete the following graduate-level courses to earn the M.A. in TESOL degree:

  • LIN-501: Issues in TESOL
  • LIN-565: TESOL Methodology I
  • LIN-566: TESOL Methodology II
  • LIN-568: TESOL Methodology III
  • LIN-557: Action Research
  • LIN-558: Materials Development and Integration
  • LIN-594: TESOL Capstone

If you are a current traditional undergraduate student, connect with your academic adviser to incorporate graduate-level courses LIN-501 and LIN-565 into your undergraduate program. These courses must be taken during your undergraduate degree program to complete the M.A. in TESOL in one year.

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