Influence matters.

A concentration in Global Business offers you in-depth, practical instruction in the issues affecting the globalized marketplace of the 21st century. You'll graduate able to demonstrate knowledge in the disciplines of operations, finance and accounting, organizational behavior, marketing and strategy. This prepares you for career opportunities in areas such as:

  • International banking
  • International business consulting
  • International relations
  • International trade
  • Non-profit management
  • Public relations

Global Business Experience

The Global Business Experience is a 5-10 day international trip included in the last course of your concentration. During your experience abroad, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of global business by examining the integration of economic, cultural and political systems across geographic borders.
  • Develop and demonstrate cultural intelligence through interactions with members of the global community.
  • Meet international business leaders, observing ways in which they are supporting and creating change.

Upcoming Trips

Program Checklist

A maximum of 6 master-level credit hours completed within the last seven years may be transferred from accredited colleges and/or universities. The Master of Business Administration: Global Business degree requires twelve courses:

Core Courses

  • Research Methods (BUS-505) — 3 credit hours, 7 weeks
  • Economics (ECN-530) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Ethics, Values and Social Responsibility (BUS-503) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Accounting for Decision Making (ACC-525) — 4 credit hours, 8 weeks
  • Managerial Finance (FIN-643) — 4 credit hours, 8 weeks
  • Organizational Behavior and Change (MGT-531) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Marketing Strategies (MKT-651) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MGT-539) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks

Concentration Courses

  • International Business Practices (BUS-509) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Global Economic Environment (ECN-513) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Integrative Case Study Analysis (MGT-692) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Global Business Experience (BUS-511) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks