Excel as an empathetic leader.

At Cornerstone University, our psychology courses introduce you to universally applicable frameworks to understand human service needs for diverse populations, as well as specific tools to support and guide them toward healing or growth. Learn how to understand, interact with and help others to be the best they can be with skills grounded in Christ-centered virtues.

Degree Program Requirements

A bachelor's degree in psychology requires 46 credit hours. This full-time program is approximately 78 weeks long and offers courses one at a time in the order shown below.

  • IDS-302: Principles of Self-Management
  • ENG-119: Professional Writing
  • COM-211: Professional Communication
  • PSY-241: Introduction to Psychological Theories, History and Systems
  • IDS-402: Christian Foundations in Psychology—Issues and Ethics
  • PSY-332: Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • PSY-447: Current Trends and Specialties in Psychology
  • PSY-425: Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-424: Introduction to Counseling
  • PSY-354: Research Methodology and Statistics
  • PSY-335: Life Span Development Psychology
  • PSY-446: Introduction to Relationships in Psychology
  • PSY-423: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-441: Physiological Psychology
  • PSY-455: Psychology Capstone

You may also need to complete additional courses to fulfill the general education requirements for your degree.

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

More information about general education requirements—and a complete list of course descriptions—for this undergraduate program can be found in our PGS Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Academic Catalog