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Students of Asia Biblical Theological Seminary will demonstrate competence in the areas of specialized knowledge, applied knowledge and collaborative learning, intellectual skills, global and civic engagement and biblical worldview integration and action.

Student learning will also focus on these learning outcomes:

  • Appreciate the centrality of the biblical text, demonstrating competence in exegeting, interpreting and applying Scripture in personal and ministry situations.
  • Develop theological convictions and philosophies of ministry, integrating these principles into personal life, ministry settings and cultural milieu.
  • Synthesize new insights from seminars, reading and analysis into ministry contexts, tracing the end results of ministry innovations, either verification of methods applied or analysis of failure and lessons learned.
  • Apply critical thinking in reading, writing and discussion, evaluating relevant data and make decisions consistent with the truth of Scripture.
  • Evaluate concepts of leadership utilizing effective organizational and group communication skills, networking with colleagues who can support one another in the ministry.
  • Analyze culture from a distinctly Christian worldview, developing methodologies for and deepen commitments to building Christ’s church worldwide.

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