Grow into your degree.

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree develops a student's basic competencies in the study of biblical and theological literature and provides foundational knowledge concerning ministry leadership while allowing students the opportunity to customize a significant portion of their program.

Starting in the fall 2020 semester and going forward, we are moving to a HyFlex approach to the classroom experience. HyFlex means hybrid-flexible, and this course design model combines three different learning modalities into one class.

  • Overview

    • School: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
    • Division: Bible, Theology & Ministry
    • Degree Type: Master of Arts
    • Format: On-Site, Live, Anytime
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Program Details

    • Program Length: 2-4 years
    • Credit Hours: 60
      • Bible (12 credits)
      • Theology (14 credits)
      • Ministry leadership (13 credits)
      • General electives (21 credits)
    • Career Options:
      • Pastoral ministry
      • Para-church ministry
      • Teaching pastor
      • Associate pastor

    Formative Ministry Training

    "One of my favorite classes has been Spiritual Formation. We learned the importance of keeping our relationship with God vibrant. The class emphasized our own relationship with Christ as being the foundation for all future ministries.

    "The spiritual disciplines and practices that were taught during class are ones that I still practice today. These disciplines have been formative in my walk with Christ."

    — Marco Salazar (M.A. '15)
    GRTS Alum

Program Learning Outcomes

Through an emphasis on developing basic competencies essential to the study of biblical and theological literature, our Master of Arts in Christian Studies curriculum and course work requirements are designed to enable you to:

  • Conduct basic biblical interpretation and application with reference to the English Bible texts.
  • State a basic understanding of the primary elements of Christian theology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, values and practices essential to personal spiritual formation.
  • Exhibit knowledge, values and skills essential to effective ministerial and public leadership.
  • Demonstrate basic competency in cultural intelligence and cultural exegesis.