Michael Wittmer

Professor of Systematic Theology, Director of the Center for Christian Worldview

Staff Positions

  • Grand Rapids Theological Seminary / Bible, Religion & Ministry
  • Grand Rapids Theological Seminary / Administration


Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary

Th.M., M.Div., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

B.A., Cedarville University



About Michael

Dr. Wittmer teaches various courses, including Graduate Research Methods, Christian Worldview, Medieval Theology and Systematic Theology. He also supervises theses for master’s-level students in historical and systematic theology. He belongs to the Evangelical Theological Society.

He and his wife, Julie, have three children: Avery, Landon, and Alayna.

Select Publications

  • 2008 | "A Christian Perspective on Sport." The Image of God in the Human Body: Essays on Christianity and Sports. Edwin Mellen Press.
  • 2008 | "Don't Stop Believing: A Theological Critique of the Emergent Church." Reformed Review.

Christ Alone, Michael Wittmer    Don't Stop Believing, Michael Wittmer    Heaven is a Place on Earth, Michael Wittmer    The Last Enemy, Michael Wittmer    

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Select Reviews

  • 2008 | Review of A High View of Scripture? by Craig D. Allert. Calvin Theological Journal, 44: 337-339.
  • 2008 | Review of Aspects of Atonement by I. Howard Marshall. Calvin Theological Journal, 44: 356-357.
  • 2004 | Review of The Free Church and the Early Church: Bridging the Historical and Theological Divide by D. H. Williams.Calvin Theological Journal, 39: 450-451.
  • 2002 | Review of Disruptive Grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth by George Hunsinger. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 45: 176-178.

Select Presentations

  • 2008 | Evangelical Theological Society National Conference: "Machen on McLaren: A New Kind of Liberal?"
  • 2007 | Evangelical Theological Society National Conference: "Why Postmodern Evangelicals Find it Easier to Obey than to Believe"
  • 2005 | Evangelical Theological Society National Conference: "Divine Mystery as Theological Method: Implications for the Trinity and Divine Sovereignty"
  • 2005 | Athletes in Action International Think Tank Conference on the Christian View of Athletics: "The Christian Perspective on Sport"
  • 2002 | Evangelical Theological Society National Conference: "Love and Freedom in Barth's Doctrine of Election"