European Culture at its best.

Amsterdam, Ede Christian University

Cornerstone University partners with Ede Christian University in Ede, Holland to offer semester-long student exchanges. Ede Christian is a Christian university of applied sciences that is the top-ranked university of its kind in the Netherlands. It is located in Ede, a lively city of over 100,000 residents that is one hour south of Amsterdam. Cornerstone students can spend a semester at Ede Christian and complete coursework in Business, Communications, Education and Theology. Students also visit Cornerstone University as part of the exchange program. Watch a clip of Ede Christian University students visiting us in Grand Rapids in January 2015.

Ireland, Cornerstone University

Northern Ireland, with its rich historical, cultural and religious legacy, provides an ideal venue for a semester abroad program.

Cornerstone University, in partnership with John Brown University, operates a semester program housed in Lakeside Manor, a historic 19th century mansion located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Students complete fifteen hours of credit in the core curriculum and/or their major field of study. In the course of the semester, students travel extensively throughout Ireland, including Dublin. They also have the option of independent travel to continental Europe during Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.

Lithuania, LCC International University

Immerse yourself in the culture of four countries in four months – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Live like a local in an urban setting. Experience Lithuania, a unique country where a walk along cobblestone streets reveals not only the history of a people once conquered and now liberated but also the spirit of a nation that is determined to maintain its identity. The course offerings are posted on the LCC website by semester. The largest academic majors are Business, English, Psychology and Theology. LCC offers a wide variety of Sociology and Conflict Studies courses as well. There are a wide range of courses that could meet general education (core) requirements or requirements for your major. All courses are taught in English.

London, Cornerstone University

Courses: REL 352 Christian Beliefs & History; COM311/SOC352 Intercultural Communication; THR 345: Contemporary Theatre
It’s a world cultural capital representing over 300 nationalities. It’s a leading global center for theatre, the arts, education, commerce, entertainment and fashion. It’s a place where religious beliefs and history collide. London’s calling! Day trip opportunities to Oxford, Windsor, Hampton Court & Stratford.

London, Veritas

London is a perfect place to learn abroad among a population rich in cultural diversity. According to the Joshua Project, 35% of the people of London identify themselves as non-religious. However, there is a renewed effort by many churches to bring a message of hope through community service and outreach in this historically influential city.

The United Kingdom’s unmistakable contribution to global Christianity has been significant for centuries. From John Wycliffe, William Wilberforce and C.S. Lewis to the Alpha Course, 24-7 prayer and a host of writers, theologians and worship leaders, the United Kingdom continues to bless the nations of the world. As you live your mission in London you will see why it is one of the most popular places to study abroad.

Oxford, Cornerstone University

Cornerstone students (any major eligible, though particularly designed for the Humanities major) participate in a three credit tutorial in Oxford taught by Oxford professors. Students also take a three credit course taught by Cornerstone faculty. Cornerstone students receive Cornerstone credits, but are also considered associate members (students) of an Oxford college giving them all of the privileges of Oxford students (such as the use of the Bodelian Library, participation in campus clubs and dining in hall).

The CU Oxford program started in 2008 and includes several opportunities for coursework. Students are able to take a course on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien with Dr. Michael Pasquale, linguistics professor and director of the TESOL program at CU. Students also become associate members of Oxford University and undertake tutorial-style studies with Oxford professors. The CU program in Oxford also includes tours around the UK, such as day trips to London and Windsor Castle. Students are able to join in the culture and activities in Oxford and participate in intermural sports and social clubs. A key aspect of the CU Oxford program is partnering with local ESL programs to provide teaching and tutoring within conversational ESL programs. These courses are planned for Monday and Tuesday evenings and include informal times for socializing and English conversational practice during the rest of the week.

Paris, Cornerstone University

Course: IDS 311: Imagination in Culture
Visit some of the finest museums in the world and be immersed in a non-English speaking culture. Paris offers a cosmopolitan environment that places a high value on aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment.

Paris, Veritas

Paris is the perfect place to study the history of Christianity throughout the Renaissance and the Reformation, and their impact on Europe today. Learning about the culture while serving others through mission work will be a great chance to see God in a whole new light.

Paris is a great city with its unique history and French traditions still very alive today. Known for its world famous architecture, art, and cuisine/gastronomy, this “city of lights” is one you will never forget. The history of Christianity in France has reflected that of Europe. Throughout the centuries, politics, wars, rebellions, etc. have shaped religion as a whole. Today, the political system and religion are very separate; it is taboo to mention them in the same sentence. Paris is the perfect place to learn about the history of Christianity throughout the Renaissance and the Reformation, and their impact on the country today. Exploring the culture in Paris, connecting to Christian community and serving others will open your eyes to universal human needs and deepen your faith.

Romanian Studies Program

The Romanian Studies Program has brought over 350 American college students to Romania since it began in 1994 through semester-long term, January term and summer term programs. The program is based in the historic Transylvanian town of Sighisoara, whose population is a fascinating mix of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Gypsies. The focus of the RSP is cross-cultural service learning, which can fulfill a student’s internship or practicum in a variety of majors. They also take classes in Romanian language and enroll in one or two other courses. Students live with a Romanian family and travel to places of historical and cultural significance within the country.

Rome, Veritas

Veritas has given special priority to the Christian study of history in Rome – a living, historical museum. It is a place like no other for studying the history of the world, and more specifically the history of the Christian church.

The amount of Christian history found in Rome is unique. The Roman Empire with its political influence and technological advancements became the gateway for Christianity’s spread into Europe. The impact of the Apostle Paul’s passion as a missionary and his writing of the New Testament book of Romans continue to this day. You cannot take two steps in Rome without running into a historical statue, building, ruin, or landmark creating a unique environment for studying topics related to Christian life and history. Whether you are interested in art, shopping, eating, architecture, theatre or meeting new people, Rome is a great city to live your mission, to learn about your faith and grow you as you serve a community.

Scholars Semester in Oxford, BestSemester

Keats thought it the finest city in the world. Granted, it averages 172 rainy days a year, but it also breeds some of history's most notable people. JFK had 16 Oxford graduates in his administration, 25 of Britain's 50 prime ministers studied at the University and the list of distinguished graduates grows ever longer. Maybe it's all that time spent indoors, sheltering from the rain that leads to such genius. Maybe it's that learning has been the purpose of the place for a thousand years. It's developing your grey matter that brings rejoicing in those moments of sunlight and understanding.

The Scholars' Semester programme is designed to accommodate your individual academic interests and requirements. Study within one of the disciplinary concentrations (classics, English and literature, History, history of art, musicology, philosophy, psychology, theology and religious studies, and history), or build a programme around a thematic concentration such as religion and literature, gender studies, or colonialism and postcolonialism (see Putting together a programme of study at Oxford for more details). However you want to build your individual programme in Oxford, expert tutors, like-minded students, and 107 libraries will help you to achieve your goals.

Read, learn and live in the "City of Dreaming Spires." The Scholars' Semester in Oxford allows you, as a member of Wycliffe Hall and a Visiting Student of Oxford University , to do intensive scholarship in this historic seat of learning. Work with academic tutors to hone your skills and delve into the areas that interest you most. Broaden your thinking by living and learning in this major crossroads of the academic world.

Semester in Spain, TCC Sevilla  

Discover Spanish culture by living it! With Semester in Spain, a study abroad program located in the heart of Seville, you’ll get to live with a Spanish family, take classes with native professors, and learn through excursions and service.

When you participate in our study abroad program, you'll discover cathedrals and other historical landmarks that are centuries old. You’ll eat tapas and take mid-afternoon siestas. You’ll be amazed by citywide futbol mania and weeklong Semana Santa celebrations. You’ll build meaningful relationships with your Spanish family members and your native professors. You’ll watch flamenco dancers and listen to Sevillanas musicians. You’ll take tours of art museums and bullrings. You’ll travel to other Spanish cities and, if you choose, other countries.

You’ll attend classes at TCC Sevilla, our facilities located in the center of the historic city near the Guadalquivir River. Your classmates will come from all over the U.S., with a majority coming from small Christian colleges. All of our professors are native Spaniards, and they’ve graduated from major universities in Spain with advanced degrees in Spanish studies. They’ll present all the material in Spanish. We’ve welcomed students that don’t know anything beyond “hola,” and we’ve welcomed students who grew up with Spanish-speaking parents. Whatever your case may be, you’ll leave Semester in Spain knowing much more about the Spanish language and culture than you do when you arrive.