Stories matter.

In the Humanities division we are interested in understanding people. We explore how people communicate, through written and spoken languages; we investigate the diverse societies in which people have lived together across time; we ponder the conversations people have had about the nature of justice, goodness, and truth; and we immerse ourselves in the poetry and prose that people have created to capture their experience of being alive. We are students of what it means to be human, a task we pursue out of our love of the God who made humanity in his image.

We believe that studying people makes us to be better people too. We learn to live humbly, aware of our small part in the greater story of humanity; we learn to become comfortable with complexity, alert to multiple perspectives and practices; we learn to sense beauty, enticed by the elegance of words; and we learn to thirst for justice, impelled by a belief that our task is to speak against everything that dehumanizes.

We give voice to what we learn through debate, summary, and analysis, and we strive to create our own  poetry and prose. We value the ability to read broadly, synthesize arguments, think new thoughts, and communicate clearly and charitably. Developing these skills help us to become better people too. Humanities graduates are highly valued by employers, since they bring to the workplace an unrivaled ability to understand, explain, and innovate. While technology and trade change at unprecedented rates, learning to value and understand people means that humanities students graduate with a qualification that never goes out of date.

Programs We Offer

The Humanities Division offers a variety of relevant majors and minors to prepare you for leadership positions, educational roles and graduate programs.