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Cornerstone University offers several programs leading to certification in elementary and secondary education. The post-BA option is a non-degree program that leads to a Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and now desire to become a certified Michigan teacher, you do not need to complete Cornerstone's core curriculum requirements; you only need to take those courses necessary for teacher certification (i.e., teachable major/minor(s) and professional education courses).

Course Equivalencies

  • Courses taken for a bachelor's degree at an accredited institution may count toward this program as long as the grades are "C-" or higher and Cornerstone approves those course as equivalent to a required Cornerstone course for certification.
  • All education courses must be completed at Cornerstone.
  • Cornerstone doesn't offer online education courses for the post-BA program. You must be able to attend classes during the day because several education courses include field experiences in local schools.
  • Modified requirements are available for candidates with at least one year of teaching experience or who are currently working in a school (you must describe your experience in the application).

Non-Degree Program Admission

To begin the admission process, submit the Post-Bachelor's Degree Program Pre-Application to be reviewed by the Teacher Education Division. Once approved, you will need to complete this checklist to pursue certification:

  • Contact the Certification Officer directly to discuss course schedule, any transfer credits and develop an individualized checklist plan to work toward certification and admission into Cornerstone University's teacher education program.
  • Submit two letters from current or former administrators or supervisors who can attest to your abilities to work with school-age children. Ideally, this experience will be in an educational setting but not mandatory.
  • Contact the Traditional Undergraduate Admissions Office to complete your file for admission to Cornerstone as a post-BA student.
  • Schedule appropriate courses through Cornerstone's Registrar's Office.
  • Meet with the Director of Student Teaching to establish expectations for eventual placement and duration of the practicum experience as well as the seminar requirement. This step should be scheduled early in the program but not later than one year prior to the internship experience.

Pre-Application for Post-Bachelor's Degree Program to Obtain a Michigan Teacher Certificate

The pre-application process is utilized by the Teacher Education Division to review your eligibility for post-bachelor's certification in the state of Michigan through Cornerstone. The information you provide is for advising purposes only.

Please Note: Be sure to read our Post BA Certification Policy Statement before sending us your application.

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