Your calling matters.

Yes, you can arrive to campus without a major and still graduate in...four years! Cornerstone University commits to partnering with you to realize the value of your investment in higher education from your first semester on campus.

With nine academic divisions offering a total of more than 60 programs, staff and faculty members will assist you with navigating the exact point at which to begin your journey. From the moment you submit your tuition deposit and commit to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester, you'll receive the first of many resources available to you: Finding Your Way by Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt.

Life Path

LifePath is a distinct program coordinated by the Center for Career and Life Calling to support you in finding, developing, and utilizing your unique, God-given qualities to pave your way to college and career success.

Book cover for Finding Your Way by Dan Webster and Randy GravittAs you plan to invest 1,000 days or so in the classroom as a college student, Webster and Gravitt's book will enable you to understand yourself and your unique past experiences in order to make informed choices on academic majors and related career plans.

Our pre-read assignment will assist you in framing calling and vocation in terms of your personal story. It will serve to bridge conversations examining elements of your story with us here at Cornerstone so that you maximize each component of your college experience.

No initial tests. No undercover inventories.

Confident you'll succeed in a major and Cornerstone experience that builds upon your distinctive qualities, members of our Center for Career and Life Calling staff look forward to assisting you in developing a path toward success well before your first semester of college gets underway.

Program Timeline

  • Year 1: Reflection
    Sample courses from a variety of disciplines housed within our academic divisions, exploring possible majors while earning credits to fulfill core requirements shared by all degree programs at Cornerstone.

  • Year 2: Application
    Determine a program of study, increasing both your depth and breadth of knowledge in the field.

  • Year 3: Experience
    Enter the industry conversation as an intern, continuing under the mentorship of faculty members as you transfer acquired knowledge into marketable skills.

  • Year 4: Transition
    Partner with alumni, building networks in your field, preparing for interviews and building relationships.