Ancient civilizations and the early church.

This program focuses on Mediterranean antiquity, including studies of ancient Judaism, Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the early church. It combines the depth of multiple academic disciplines such as languages, linguistics, history, philosophy, and religious studies. International studies or travel to places like Greece and Jerusalem will augment these studies at Cornerstone University.

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  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Bible, Religion & Ministry
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Career Opportunities

    • Historian
    • Archaeology
    • Biblical Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Teaching (May require certification)
    • Humanitarian Work
    • Ministry & Missions
    • Writing

    Degree Completion

    Download a sample degree plan for a major in Ancient Studies.

  • Internship Opportunities

    An internship offers opportunities to put classroom learning into practice, giving you valuable work experience as you head into job interviews and career opportunities.
    • Archaeological Excavations
    • Museums
    • Research Assistantships
    • Libraries

    Interesting Classes

    • Introduction to Linguistics
    • Plato and Aristotle
    • Second Temple Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrolls
    • History and Religions of the Ancient Near East

Career Outcomes

  • Chelica Hiltunen obtained a Master's from Oxford University.