Discipleship matters.

For all students at Cornerstone University, the biblical studies minor is an excellent minor to supplement their major. It's an 18 credit program that provides you with a foundational understanding of the Bible as well as fundamental skills in writing, interpretation and practical theology. The minor is easy to fit into a four-year program since three of the six classes are already part of Cornerstone's core curriculum. This means that you only need to take three additional classes to achieve a minor in biblical studies.

By acquiring this minor, you can enhance your ability to reflect on your vocation in light of sacred Scripture. Further, all students working toward a ministry or intercultural studies major complete a biblical studies minor as part of their four-year plan.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Bible, Religion & Ministry
    • Degree Type: Minor
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids