Study of organisms matters.

A major in Biology at Cornerstone provides a well-rounded knowledge, experience and analytical base to enable students to successfully pursue careers or further education in related fields. Course offerings allow students to pursue a wide variety of biological interests in preparation for a career or graduate school. Since entry into biological career fields can be selective and the graduate education very challenging, emphasis is placed on preparing the student for those rigors through a challenging academic program that is balanced within the traditional liberal arts degree.

You may find yourself taking exploring forests in botany, conducting stream evaluations in zoology, looking into the human genome in genetics, performing research on the toxicology of cells in cell biology, traveling to Yellowstone National Park or Ireland, researching white-tailed deer in the summer, or observing elk during mating season.

  • Overview

  • Program Details

    • Major Credit Hours: 36 (requires minor)
    • Minor Credit Hours: 20
    • Career Opportunities: From working in medical laboratories or clinics to pharmaceutical companies students may find a career in the health field conducting technician services. Others may go on to work in the field sciences as a biological field technician or educator at a local, state or national park. Many students go on to graduate school to continue to the next level of professionalism.
    • Application Deadline: Rolling admission
      • Fall semester—August 15
      • Spring semester—January 1

    Degree Completion

    Download a sample degree plan for a major in Biology.

  • Related Majors

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    Internship Opportunities

    Students generally complete internships at hospitals, blood banks, clinics, nature centers, zoos, parks, with environmental consultants and at many more places. We tailor the internship to your specific interest area.

Major Courses and Catalog

In addition to completing the university's core curriculum, the Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree requires the following classes:

  • BIO-151 General Biology — 4 credit hours
  • BIO-225 Botany — 4 credit hours
  • BIO-233 Zoology — 4 credit hours
  • BIO-351 Genetics — 4 credit hours
  • BIO-400 Capstone Seminar: Bioethics & Argument Theory — 3 credit hours
  • SCI-380 Internship — 3 credit hours
  • SCI-495 Senior Research Project — 1 credit hour
  • SCI-496 Senior Research Seminar — 1 credit hour
  • Program electives — 12 credit hours

Required Cognates

  • CHM-111 Principles of General Chemistry — 4 credit hours
  • CHM-212 Principles of Organic and Biochemistry — 4 credit hours
  • Mathematics electives — 6 credit hours

For course descriptions and graduation requirements, view the 2016-17 Cornerstone University Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

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