Curiosity matters.

Biology is a field for the curious, for the student who seeks answers about the study of living organisms and other aspects of natural science. A major in biology at Cornerstone University provides a well-rounded knowledge, experience and analytics base, and course offerings allow students to pursue a wide variety of biological interests in preparation for a career or graduate school. In this program, emphasis is placed on preparing students for the rigors of biological career fields, which can be selective and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

You may find yourself looking into the human genome in genetics, exploring forests in botany, conducting stream evaluations in zoology, performing research on the toxicology of cells in cell biology or researching white-tailed deer in the summer. At Cornerstone, biology is taught from the point of view that we can learn more about our Creator by studying and caring for His creation. While the Bible is the ultimate authority for all truth, His creation also provides us a window to glimpse His creativity, wisdom and beauty.

  • Overview

  • Career Opportunities

    A bachelor's degree in biology prepares you for a range of careers and graduate programs.

    • Biological field technician
    • Educator at a local, state or national park
    • Technician services
    • Health communications specialist
    • Pharmaceutical sales representative
    • Financial analyst

    Program Classes

    From personable faculty to one-on-one advising appointments, we have resources to support you in reaching your goals and being successful in your classes.

    See our sample degree plan for the list of classes you'll take as a biology major.

  • Global Internships

    All traditional undergraduate students complete an academic internship or practicum. This experience helps you explore your calling and gain practical career skills.

    With guidance from the Center for Career & Life Calling, our students land internships at trusted businesses and nonprofits around the world.

    • Howard Christensen Nature Center
    • Humane Society of West Michigan
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service—Huron-Manistee National Forests

    STEM Student Outcomes


    of traditional undergraduate STEM students from the class of 2019 were working or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.

    Importantly, our recent graduates also shared that they love their work. Of respondents, 94 percent reported a genuine interest in what they are doing.

  • Job Outcomes

    Cornerstone alumni are tireless in their passion to influence our world for Christ as servant leaders. You can find CU graduates building lives that matter at workplaces based in West Michigan and beyond.

    • Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Kalamazoo County Human Services Department
    • National Cancer Institute
    • Pfizer
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture

Career Guide for STEM Majors

Graduates of STEM programs are changing the world. To learn more about why you should consider a biology major and what you can do with a STEM degree, get our STEM-specific career guide.

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