Influence matters.

The Center for Career and Life Calling prepares your student to maximize his or her potential as an influencer for Christ in our world. To do this, we offer tools and strategic experiences. Because helping your student identify his or her calling matters.

First-Year Student Career Guidance

In partnership with the Center for Student Success, we are committed to helping your student decide a major by the end of his or her first year of college. To accomplish this, we offer:

  • Faculty and staff-supported collaborative seminars during new student orientation
  • One-on-one academic advising appointments
  • Small group career development sessions facilitated by the Center for Career and Life Calling
  • A year-long Terra Firma experience with support from upper-class student leaders
  • Service-learning opportunities

Help Us Recruit

If your employer offers internship opportunities for undergraduate or graduate students, connect with us by email or by phone (616.222.1433). We'd appreciate learning more about your team and organization.

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