Chemical properties matter.

Add to your scientific and mathematical expertise with a minor in chemistry. Your chemistry minor will supplement your major, providing you an additional edge as you step into many science, math or kinesiological fields. At Cornerstone University, you have the option of adding a chemistry minor to a traditional major, or you can choose to minor in chemistry for secondary education.

There are a lot of potential benefits in adding a minor to your degree:

  • Learn more about an area of study that interests you.
  • Gain specialized knowledge within your broader field of study.
  • Build a foundation to pursue a second major.
  • Overview

    Program Classes

    A minor in chemistry requires 22 credit hours.

    • CHM-121: General Chemistry I
    • CHM-122: General Chemistry II
    • CHM-411: Perspectives in Chemistry
    • Electives in chemistry (eight credit hours)
    • One of the following electives:
      • CHM-212: Principles of Organic and Biochemistry
      • CHM-472: Biochemistry

Career Guide for STEM Programs

Graduates of STEM programs are changing the world. To learn more about why you should consider a chemistry minor and what you can do with a STEM degree, get our STEM-specific career guide.

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