Chemical properties matter.

Choosing a minor in Chemistry will bolster your academic prowess as you step into many science, math or kinesiological fields. At Cornerstone, you have the option of adding a Chemistry minor to a traditional major, or you can choose to minor in Chemistry for Secondary Education.

  • Overview

    Relevant Course Work

    A minor in chemistry requires 22 credit hours.

    • CHM-121: General Chemistry I
    • CHM-122: General Chemistry II
    • CHM-411: Perspectives in Chemistry
    • Electives in chemistry (eight credit hours)
    • One of the following electives:
      • CHM-212: Principles of Organic and Biochemistry
      • CHM-472: Biochemistry

Career Guide for STEM Programs

Graduates of STEM programs are changing the world. To learn more about why you should consider a chemistry minor and what you can do with a STEM degree, get our STEM-specific career guide.

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