Curating meaningful story arcs.

The Creative Writing program introduces students to the whole process of writing. We provide a wide range of courses – from creative endeavors to genre-specific writing courses such as poetry writing, creative non-fiction and fiction writing. The goal of each upper-level writing course is to produce "publishable" works.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Humanities
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Career Opportunities

    The Creative Writing major and minor trains student writers in poetry, creative nonfiction, and/or fiction. Students develop process strategies for generating ideas, drafting and revising; learn and hone craft; and use reading strategies to study how the masters do craft. Students also can network through internships and conferences as they assume their place as literary citizens.

    Possible Employment Opportunities:

    • Creative Writer
    • Copyeditor
    • Editor
    • Instructor
    • Professional Blogger
    • Professional Proofreader
    • Public Relations Writer

    Degree Completion

    Download a sample degree plan for a major in Creative Writing.

  • Interesting Classes

    • Creative Endeavors
    • Fiction Writing
    • Poetry Writing
    • Advanced Writing Workshop
    • Writers and Styles
    • The Practice of Criticism

    Internship Opportunities

    • Baker Publishing Group
    • Cornerstone University Marketing Office
    • Kregel Publications
    • Mission Network News
    • Zondervan Publishing Company

Career Outcomes

  • Amy Nemecak serves as a Freelance Editor for Baker Publishing Group.
  • Matt Saler works as a Web Content Specialist for Elexicon Inc.

Major Courses and Catalog

In addition to successful completion of the university's core curriculum, the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities: Creative Writing degree requires the following courses:

  • ENG-226 Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credit hours)
  • ENG-315 Poetry Writing (3 credit hours)
  • ENG-316 Fiction Writing (3 credit hours)
  • ENG-317 Creative Non-Fiction (3 credit hours)
  • ENG-320 Advanced Writing Workshop (3 credit hours)
  • ENG-364 Writers and Styles (3 credit hours)
  • Choose one elective (3 credit hours)
    • ENG-322 The Practice of Criticism
    • ENG-380 Internship
    • HUM-421 Creative Endeavors
    • JRN-201 News Writing & Reporting
    • JRN-313 Feature/Travel Writing
    • OSA-302 Oxford Tutorial in English
  • HUM-382 Humanities Seminar—2 semesters (6 credit hours)
  • HUM-481 Humanities Capstone (2 credit hours)
  • HUM-482 Thesis (2 credit hours)

For course descriptions and graduation requirements, view the 2016-17 Cornerstone University Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

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