Learn more about our honors program.

Here, we've recorded answers to a handful of questions that we are frequently asked about our honors institute. For additional information, please call us (800.787.9778) or send us an email.

Questions and Answers

Is CIHI more difficult than general core classes?

We like to say our program is different, not harder. Most of our course work is project and problem-based, allowing students hands-on experience for transformational learning.

Will this take me longer to graduate?

No. CIHI does not add additional credits to your four-year plan.

Does this program work with every major?

Nursing or engineering majors are the only majors unable to participate in the program. However, engineers may do an emphasis in design and innovation, allowing them to participate in four of the creativity and innovation specific courses.

Can athletes participate in CIHI?

Yes. About 20% of the participants are athletes. We offer two sections of every class, allowing student-athletes to design their schedules around practices and games.

What about AP credits?

Since our program is unique, AP credits will not count towards CIHI courses. However, you can use your AP credits to count for other classes, thus reducing your total credits needed to graduate.

Do we actually read all those books?

No. You will read select portions to prepare yourself for class discussions and reports.

What if I am not creative?

We believe everyone is creative, even you. By practicing creative habits and developing creative mindsets we will boost your brain's focus, energy and productivity.

Program Benefits

What will I gain from involvement in the honors institute?

As part of a Creativity and Innovation Honors Institute student cohort, you can expect these outcomes:

  • First, you will be placed in an elite honors cohort of twenty-five like-minded students in order to complete a classical liberal arts education integrated with content in creativity and innovation.
  • Second, you will interact with faculty members in a discussion-style setting, which research reveals as one of the most beneficial and lasting experiences of the college years.
  • Third, you will receive a major in creativity and innovation, making you one of the most marketable graduates in the country. This major is granted in addition to a second major in your chosen area of study.

What does earning a secondary major in creativity and innovation mean?

Successful completion of the 38-credit hour honors institute curriculum grants you a secondary major in creativity and innovation. Since this is a secondary degree, you must also earn a primary degree in your field of choice (e.g., business, psychology, ministry, etc.) in order to earn a diploma. Depending on your primary major choice, this means you can graduate in four years or less and earn two degrees.

Admission Requirements

Who can apply to the honors institute?

Each Creativity and Innovation Honors Institute student cohort is open to 25 incoming first-year (cumulative 3.5 high school grade-point average or above) or transfer students (3.2 college grade-point average).