Transitioning from student to teacher.

A degree in an elementary education program will prepare you to guide and partner with students in the learning process. You'll gain hands-on experience as you employ various teaching methods and network with area educators. In addition, faculty members will serve as mentor-scholars through your college years and beyond, equipping you with sound advice from their personal teaching experiences to put into practice as you undertake your new role.

Program Options Available for Elementary Education

Elementary education programs provide options to choose between focusing on in-depth development of a content subject area through a planned program major, preparing to teach lower elementary students through selection of a triple minor major, or serving a designated high need area in the state of Michigan.

Regardless of your major choice, you will graduate prepared to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Teacher Education
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Career Opportunities

    Elementary graduates are certified to teach all subjects K-5 and all subjects K-8 in self-contained classrooms. Elementary graduates who pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) and have completed all required course work in their subject areas can be certified to teach in these endorsed subject areas for grades 6-8.

    Internship Opportunities

    Prior to student teaching, you will participate in the Teacher Assistant Practicum, assisting a teacher in an elementary classroom and teaching a few group lessons. After all course work is complete, you will complete an Elementary Directed Teaching Practicum, a semester-long experience. Students in the Early Childhood, Learning Disabilities, and TESOL programs complete an additional internship.

Career Outcomes

In addition to private and public schools located in the West Michigan area, graduates are employed throughout the United States and overseas.

  • Amanda Bosscher ('12) serves as a Teacher at West Michigan Christian High School.
  • Nick Cramer ('12) is a Science Teacher at Battle Creek High School.
  • Matt Kimble ('12) works as a 7th grade science teacher at Canyons School District, Utah.
  • Nate Langel ('12) is Chemistry Facilitator for Kent Innovation High School.
  • Gracelyn (Knott) Link ('12) serves as a Learning Disabilities Teacher at NorthPointe Christian.
  • Brianna Vander Toorn ('12) works as Music Instructor at Caledonia.
  • Simeon Brace ('10) is a Science Teacher at a preparatory high school in Kentucky.
  • Aubree Cantrall ('10) was named Student Teacher of the Year and currently teaches at the Potter's House in Grand Rapids, Michigan.