Storytelling matters.

Film and Video Production prepares you to graduate as an influential storyteller. Through a multi-skilled, generalist philosophy, you'll learn the breadth of filmmaking and choose one area to study in depth. You'll experience story from construction, idea generation and development, through image and sound capture, to the post-production reconstruction of the story in visual and audio editing.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Communication & Media
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids

    Program Details

    • Major Credit Hours: 57
    • Minor Credit Hours: 21
    • Application Deadline: Rolling admission
      • Fall semester—August 15
      • Spring semester—January 1
  • Career Opportunities

    As a Film and Video Production major, students can work in areas such as feature films, corporate and commercial filmmaking, church media, wedding and documentary film both in corporate production companies and as freelance media artists.

    The type of careers revolve around the core skill sets – writing, directing, cinematography, sound recording and editing, visual designer, and postproduction visual editor or any form of media generalist that requires a mixture of these skills.

    Degree Completion

    You can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production degree in four years.

    Download a semester-by-semester class planning guide to preview the steps required to complete your degree.

  • Interesting Classes

    Students study story telling as a basis for all of the craft areas.  Freshman and sophomore classes are connected with learning the skills, knowledge and attributes of the generalist filmmaker in both fiction and non-fiction film production. In the upper classes, students will take at least one production class per semester where they will choose their own content (fiction or non-fiction) and begin to develop a specialization in a craft area.

    Internship Locations

    100% of Cornerstone University's traditional undergraduate students complete an internship experience.

    Film and video production majors have received hands-on training as interns with these organizations:

    • City Central Church
    • Deep End Films
    • Innovative Aerial Media
    • Los Angeles Film Studies Center
    • OneWay Ministries
    • Shadow|Shine Pictures
  • Alumni Outcomes

    • Katie Kregel ('10)—Director of Media at a large church in Lansing, Mich.
    • Dan Martinez ('10)—Employee of 15Four in Baltimore, Maryland
    • Christine Praniewicz ('11)—Recruiter for Disney Animation
    • Josiah Staggers ('09)—Freelance Camera Assistant and Digital Intermediate Technician in Atlanta, GA
    • Katie Webb ('12)—Works as a production manager and has served on several features such as Dogman, Rumors of War, and Suspended

    Related Majors

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Major Courses and Catalog

In addition to completing the university's core curriculum, the Bachelor of Science in Film and Video Production degree requires the following classes:

  • COM-400 Capstone Seminar — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-111 Introduction to Story — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-164 Film and Video Production Seminar I — 1 credit hour
  • MDA-250 Writing for Film — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-254 Film History — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-261 Audio Production — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-271 Film and Video Production I — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-282 Film and Video Production II — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-284 Film and Video Production III — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-318 Writing for Electronic Media — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-341 Advanced Production I — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-342 Advanced Production II — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-364 Film and Video Production Seminar II — 1 credit hour
  • MDA-380 Internship — 4 credit hours
  • MDA-441 Advanced Production III — 3 credit hours
  • MDA-442 Advanced Production IV — 3 credit hours
  • PHO-236 Introduction to Digital Photography — 3 credit hours
  • Program electives — 9 credit hours

For course descriptions and graduation requirements, view the 2016-17 Cornerstone University Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

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