Offering knowledge in the context of care.

Prepare to study under mentor-scholars active in their respective fields of study, learning from their research practices, theoretical knowledge, and practical advice. Becoming equipped to address ethical questions in the field, you'll integrate your Christian worldview with your undergrad coursework from the initial lecture you attend for the semester.

As a student in one of our health care programs, you'll receive access to local and international networks of health professionals. Extending learning beyond the classroom, you'll gain hands-on training in clinics, fitness centers, agencies, health clubs, hospitals, physical therapy and athletic training facilities, and research institutes. For example, you may intern with Spectrum Health, a hospital health care system located minutes from campus and nationally ranked for adult and pediatric specialties.

Location Matters

With an established reputation for innovation and advancements in research, Grand Rapids serves as the home base for a prestigious lineup of health care facilities, hospital groupings, and research institutes.

Degree Programs Available