Teaching the Past to Form our Future.

Broadly trained and enlightened students have the basic skills for success in almost any imaginable vocation. In particular, students develop skills in research, critical thinking and writing. These skills are marketable in many career tracks.

History can be used as a double major, supplementing any other major by providing a historical perspective and research skills.

With regard to graduate education, students have many options. The most obvious is graduate education in history. Yet students often successfully pursue graduate studies in theology, law, humanities and other fields. This opens doors to many careers: One can work in ministry, law, politics, education and business, to name a few. Even students who do not pursue a graduate education find myriad opportunities.

Recent graduates are working in business, law offices and web management companies. The three skills noted above are in demand and are often not developed in more vocationally focused programs. In effect, they translate well into many fields, and thus equip history students to explore many options and plot their course in life. Students taking History with the Secondary Education Program track are qualified once they pass the certification tests to teach History at the middle and high school level.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Humanities Teacher Education
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Relevant Classes

    A well-rounded list of liberal arts and major classes prepare you to excel as an innovative, character-driven professional. And trained advisers provide the personalized, strengths-focused guidance you need to thrive as a college student and complete your degree.

    Download a semester-by-semester class planning guide. This shows how you can finish your degree in four years.

    Marketable Expertise

    Cornerstone graduates are influencers in their work, neighborhoods and world for Christ. You can find them building lives that matter in West Michigan and countries around the world.

    Because of their broad knowledge base, major-specific skills and servant leadership qualities, they've contributed value to teams at:

    • Grand Rapids Public Schools
    • Ludington Area Schools
    • Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy
    • Nogales Unified School District
    • Yuma School District One
  • Earn Advanced Standing

    Secondary education majors with a TESOL minor may qualify for advanced standing in our Master of Arts in TESOL program. This gives you the option to earn two degrees—a bachelor's degree and a master's degree—in as few as five years.

    Download a semester-by-semester class planning guide.