Competent, caring, creative, and prepared.

In a time where there is yearning for both tradition and innovation, we think our primary responsibility is to help prepare the next generation of students for engaging the postmodern culture as competent, caring, and creative individuals. We invite you to join the movement that integrates ministry and creativity in everything we do. This program empowers students to become skilled professionals, seek emotional health for themselves and others, and use creative problem solving and design thinking in ministry.

The Ministry Program recognizes the need for specialization and allows each student to focus on a particular ministry interest. Therefore, students choose a specific ministry emphasis where all their coursework and projects will be directed. We offer a focus in youth, children, camping, sports, women, parachurch, young adult and urban ministries.

Program Outcomes

  • Design and deliver a hermeneutically sound, experiential, participatory and communal lesson to any age group in any setting.
  • Take a ministry in new directions using creative problem solving (CPS) and design thinking processes.
  • Articulate a philosophy of ministry from a practical and theological perspective.
  • Improve the emotional wellbeing of individuals and families using developmental, personality, and family system theories.
  • Evaluate strategies currently used to foster transformation in impoverished areas.

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  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Bible, Religion & Ministry
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Career Opportunities

    • Parachurch Organizations
    • Children's Ministries
    • Young Adult Ministries
    • Sports Ministry
    • Seminary/Theological Studies
    • Urban Ministry
    • Youth Ministries
    • Camping Ministries

    Degree Completion

    Download sample degree plans for a major in Ministry.

  • Interesting Classes

    • Poverty and Justice
    • Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Relationships in Ministry
    • Counseling Families
    • The Art of Ministry
    • Creativity, Innovation & Problem Solving
    • Internship II: Teacher and the Teaching Task

    Internship Opportunities

    Grand Rapids has a plethora of internship opportunities in the local church and in inner-city, camping and parachurch ministries. Each student is required to complete one year of internship. These internships also include a one-hour-a-week mentoring experience that prepares you for the real world of ministry.

    • Alpha Women's Center
    • Blythefield Hills Baptist Church
    • Degage Ministries
    • Lake Ann Camp
    • Mars Hill Bible Church
    • Mel Trotter Ministries
    • Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Urban Family Ministries
    • SpringHill Camps
    • Vineyard Church
    • Wedgewood Christian Services
    • YMCA

Career Outcomes

  • Noah Filipiak (B.S. '04; M.A. '09) works as the Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church.
  • Josh Bishop is a Congregational Care Pastor with Mars Hill Bible Church.
  • Miah Collins serves as a Missionary with J-Life Africa.
  • Josh Andrews is the Pastor of Youth Ministry at Galilee Baptist Church.
  • David McGovern serves as the Director of Youth Ministry with Ridge Point Community Church.
  • Aaron Brown works as the Program Director for Beechpoint Camp.