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Do you have a question about Cornerstone's two-step nursing program? Review responses to frequently asked questions from students like you.

About University of Detroit Mercy

  • How are Cornerstone University and Detroit Mercy similar?
    Both universities provide faith-based, student-focused and missional learning communities. Living out the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, Detroit Mercy students focus on loving Jesus by serving the world and caring for the poor.

  • Are students considered a transfer student during Step 2: Clinical Experiences of the nursing program?
    Yes, students are considered a transfer student at University of Detroit Mercy.

  • What G.P.A. do I need to earn at Cornerstone to transfer to Detroit Mercy?
    A 2.5 G.P.A. is required to transfer into Step 2 of the nursing program. Students must also maintain a C or higher in all prerequisite courses (see UDM handbook). Failure to do so may result in academic probation or withdrawal from the nursing program. To review the academic policies and handbook for Cornerstone University and Detroit Mercy, please contact the nursing coordinator, Lori Dewitt.

  • Is on-campus housing available at Detroit Mercy for transfer students?
    Yes! Detroit Mercy has housing available on in Holden Hall and the Quads Complex.

  • How safe is Detroit Mercy's campus?
    Detroit Mercy is a weapons-free school zone and prohibits the possession of firearms on campus. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has patrol services available 24/7/365.

  • Does Detroit Mercy assist me with career placement after graduation?
    Yes, Detroit Mercy has a Career Education Center which provides:
    • Career coaching and one-to-one individual assistance
    • Career workshops throughout the academic year
    • On-campus recruiting and online job postings
    • Developing a job search strategy
    • Practice interviews

  • How many Detroit Mercy nursing program graduates land job offers?
    100% of Detroit Mercy's nursing program graduates received a job and/or enrolled in graduate school.

Financial Aid

  • Will the financial aid process for Detroit Mercy look similar to Cornerstone University?
    Yes. To obtain financial aid from Detroit Mercy as a transfer student, you will need to complete the FAFSA during October of your sophomore year.

  • Can I apply for scholarships?
    During the first two years of the nursing program, Cornerstone will work with you to construct your financial award package. Award packages may include academic scholarships ($5,000-11,000 per year), along with additional grants and/or loans.

    After completion of Step One of the nursing program, students may qualify for various academic scholarships at Detroit Mercy ($1,000-9,000 per year) and other types of aid. At the time of transfer, Detroit Mercy will work directly with you to construct your financial award package and calculate out-of-pocket expenses until completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Additional Questions

  • Can I apply to join the nursing program as an incoming transfer student at Cornerstone?
    No, the program is currently available to first-time college students.

  • Can I join a sports team as a nursing program student?
    Yes! You may join a Cornerstone University athletic team for two years.

  • To complete my B.S.N., will I need to submit an application for University of Detroit Mercy's McAuley School of Nursing?
    No. As part of your application for admission to Cornerstone's Nursing Program, you will sign a waiver that allows Cornerstone to share application information with Detroit Mercy's McAuley School of Nursing. That means you'll only complete one application.

    Please Note: Students who graduate from Cornerstone University with lower than a 2.5 G.P.A. may not be granted admission to University of Detroit Mercy.

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