Wellness matters.

The nursing program trains you to provide care that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellness. A well-rounded list of liberal arts and major classes prepare you to be a critical thinker and problem solver. This gives you an edge in the hiring process.

Major Courses

  • BIO-241: Anatomy & Physiology I—4 credit hours
  • BIO-242: Anatomy & Physiology II—4 credit hours
  • MAT-151/BUS-211: Statistics—3 credit hours
  • CHM-111/121: Principles of Chemistry/General Chemistry—4 credit hours
  • BIO-151: General Biology—3 credit hours
  • BIO-347: Intro to Nutrition—3 credit hours
  • CHM-212: Principles of Organic and Biochem—4 credit hours
  • PSY-235: Lifespan Developmental Psychology—3 credit hours*
  • CHL-263: Population Heath and Epidemiology—3 credit hours
  • BIO-352: Microbiology—4 credit hours
  • Pathophysiology

Liberal Arts Foundation

  • REL-104: Old Testament Literature—3 credit hours
  • ENG-212: Writing in Culture—3 credit hours
  • MAT-108: Intermediate College Algebra—3 credit hours
  • PSY-111: Intro to Psychology—3 credit hours*
  • IDS-103: CU Foundations—1 credit hour
  • REL-204: New Testament Lit—3 credit hours*
  • SOC-111: Intro to Sociology—3 credit hours*
  • COM-112: Communication in Culture—3 credit hours*
  • MAT-151/BUS-211: Statistics—3 credit hours
  • IDS-104: CU Foundations—1 credit hour
  • HUM-311: Imagination in Culture—3 credit hours
  • HIS-114: World Civilization II—3 credit hours*
  • Core Lit Experience—3 credit hours

*Available as an online summer course at Cornerstone University

Take the Next Step

With an Associate of Science in Health Services from Cornerstone, you can work as an administrative assistant in a health-related office.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree provides additional leadership and career opportunities. Explore how you can complete your B.S.N. through Cornerstone's partnership with University of Detroit Mercy's McAuley School of Nursing.

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