Spread the Gospel through artistry.

The B.Mus. is a professional degree program containing two-thirds music coursework and one-third general studies. This degree is designed for gifted individuals with a passion for revealing Christ's creation through musical artistry.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Music
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Music
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Career & Skill Opportunities

    • Professional Performer
    • Graduate Studies
    • Musical Foundation
    • Solid Technique
    • Strong Performance Ability
    • Sufficient concert level repertoire to commence a professional career

    Degree Completion

    Download a sample degree plan for a major in Music Performance.

  • Interesting Classes

    • Conducting
    • Orchestration and Arranging
    • Pedagogy
    • Keyboard Harmony

    Internship Opportunities

    • Opera Grand Rapids
    • Local Churches
    • Contemporary Music Center, Nashville (semester abroad program)