Musical technique matters.

The B.Mus. is a professional degree program containing two-thirds music coursework and one-third general studies. This degree is designed for gifted individuals with a passion for revealing Christ's creation through musical artistry.

  • Overview

    • School: Traditional Undergrad Academics
    • Division: Music
    • Degree Type: Bachelor of Music
    • Format: Residential
    • Location: Grand Rapids

    Quick Facts

    • Major Credit Hours: 78
    • Program Acceptance: Requires participation in a first semester jury exam.
    • Career Opportunities:
      • Professional performer
      • Graduate studies
      • Musical foundation
      • Private music teacher
    • Application Deadline: Rolling admission
      • Fall semester—August 15
      • Spring semester—January 1
  • Degree Completion

    Download a sample degree plan for a major in Music Performance.

    Internship Locations

    100% of Cornerstone University's traditional undergraduate students complete an internship experience.

    Performance majors have received hands-on, professional training as interns with these organizations:

    • Opera Grand Rapids
    • Local Churches
    • Contemporary Music Center, Nashville (semester abroad program)
    • Fellowship of Faith

Major Courses and Catalog

In addition to completing the university's core curriculum and professional education courses, the Bachelor of Music in Performance degree requires the following classes:

  • MUA-XXX Applied Major (16 credit hours)
  • MUA-XXX Applied Minor (4 credit hours)
  • MUP-X01, X11 or X21 Large Ensemble (8 credit hours)
  • MUP-131, 141, 151 Small Ensemble (2 credit hours)
  • MUS-099 Performance Lab (8 semesters)
  • MUS-113, 114, 213, 214 Aural Perception I, II, III, IV (4 credit hours)
  • MUS-117, 118, 217, 218 Music Theory & Analysis I, II, III, IV (12 credit hours)
  • MUS-171 Introduction to Music Technology (3 credit hours)
  • MUS-221, 222, 225 Music History, Literature and Form I, II, III (9 credit hours)
  • MUS-251 Basic Conducting (3 credit hours)
  • MUS-314 Orchestration and Arranging (3 credit hours)
  • MUS-317 Keyboard Harmony (2 credit hours)
  • MUS-340 Junior Recital
  • MUS-380 Internship (3 credit hours)
  • MUS-432 Pedagogy (2 credit hours)
  • MUS-440 Senior Recital
  • MUS-441 Capstone Seminar: Senior Recital Project (1 credit hour)
  • MUA/MUP/MUS-XXX Program electives (6 credit hours)

For course descriptions and graduation requirements, view the 2016-17 Cornerstone University Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

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