Confidence, competence, and direction.

The student who graduates with a major in Physical Education will be qualified to work in any K-12 school system in Michigan and some neighboring states. Each individual state requirement should be investigated, however, prior to applying for employment.

Students are prepared professionally and with exceptional skill and knowledge in Physical Education. Upon graduation from CU, students are capable and available to step into the Physical Education classroom with confidence and competence to lead and direct K-12 students in a lifestyle of fitness and leisure time activities.

With the rise of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and a variety of other lifestyle related diseases, Physical Education becomes a more viable profession. The opportunity for Physical Educators in today's society has become more important and the need for well-educated, prepared teachers will be the next step in the hiring process of many school systems.

Program Distinctives

Cornerstone University is known for its outstanding academics in Physical Education/Teacher Education. Currently, 95% of our Physical Education graduates from 2010 and 2015 have been hired directly into their field of expertise. Other graduates have gone on to seek further degrees in related fields.

Dr. Marra is a committed Christian who has dedicated her life and career to following Jesus Christ. Everything she does is based on His Word and the work of Jesus Christ in her life. Students who study under Dr. Marra will be trained both academically and spiritually in all their course work and life experiences.

Our students represent our program well and because of their training here at CU, they receive high marks in the area schools during their intern teaching experiences. The qualified professors in this area understand the needs of students in K-12 schools and the necessity of active lifestyles among all age groups.

Preparing our students with the cutting edge of information and statistics allows us to prepare them for the profession of teaching today's children and teens.

  • Overview

  • Career Options

    Students who major in Physical Education may teach any grade in that discipline. Each individual state requirement should be investigated, however, prior to applying for employment. There are many opportunities outside of the classroom as well such as home school organizations who request a certified Physical Education teacher. Other areas may include: fitness centers, specific classes in community education, camp organization and general recreation departments. Although the major is specifically for educational systems, the student who majors in Physical Education has a variety of other areas to serve as well due to their expertise in the field.

    Program Classes

    From personable faculty to one-on-one advising appointments, we have resources to support you in reaching your goals and being successful in your classes.

    See our sample degree plan for the list of classes you'll take as a physical education major.

  • Earn Advanced Standing

    Secondary education majors with a TESOL minor may qualify for advanced standing in our Master of Arts in TESOL program. This gives you the option to earn two degrees—a bachelor's degree and a master's degree—in as few as five years.

    Download a semester-by-semester class planning guide.

    Education Student Outcomes


    of traditional undergraduate education students from the class of 2018 were working or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.

    Importantly, our recent graduates also shared that they love their work. Of respondents, 100 percent reported a genuine interest in what they are doing.

  • Job Outcomes

    Cornerstone alumni are tireless in their passion to influence our world for Christ as servant leaders. You can find CU graduates building lives that matter at workplaces based in West Michigan and beyond.

    • Caledonia Community Schools
    • For the Kidz Gymnastics
    • Holland Christian High School
    • West Ottawa Public Schools

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