Knowledge within a framework of faith.

The world needs highly trained and deeply caring health professionals. As a B.S. Biology: Pre-Physician's Assistant major, you will be part of a program that builds on your aptitude for math and science and your desire to care for others. Our aim is to foster your mental, emotional and spiritual growth so that you are fully equipped to offer the best possible service to God and all His people. Many schools around the country can provide a pre-physician's assistant education for the mind; Cornerstone University uses God's Word to prepare your heart as well.

We have a proven track record of giving students what they need not only to get into graduate school but to succeed once they get there. More importantly, our graduates' scientific knowledge is built on the solid foundation of God's Word. Explore the experiences available to you as a pre-physician's assistant major at Cornerstone.

  • Overview

  • Program Classes

    From personable faculty to one-on-one advising appointments, we have resources to support you in reaching your goals and being successful in your classes.

    See our sample degree plan for the list of classes you'll take as a pre-physician's assistant major.

    Pre-Physician's Assistant or Pre-Med?

    You're choosing a major with your future career in mind. If you're deciding between a career as a physician's assistant or as a medical doctor, there are a few factors to consider:

    • Physician's assistants work in a more team-oriented role as their work is overseen by a medical doctor.
    • Time spent in graduate school is typically shorter for physician's assistants, depending on individual programs and specializations.
    • Both roles perform many of the same tasks, such as examining patients, making diagnoses and writing prescriptions.
  • STEM Student Outcomes


    of traditional undergraduate STEM students from the class of 2019 were working or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.

    Importantly, our recent graduates also shared that they love their work. Of respondents, 94 percent reported a genuine interest in what they are doing.

    Where Our Alumni Attend Graduate School

    Our Kinesiology, Science, Engineering & Mathematics Division students receive admission to respected graduate schools.

    • Grand Valley State University
    • University of Maryland
    • University of Michigan
  • Global Internships

    All traditional undergraduate students complete an academic internship or practicum. This experience helps you explore your calling and gain practical career skills.

    With guidance from the Center for Career & Life Calling, our students land internships at trusted businesses and nonprofits around the world.

    • Cherry Valley Family Physicians Group
    • Spectrum Health
    • Missions hospitals in Papua, New Guinea, and Togo, South Africa

    How to Prepare for this Degree Program

    • Hone your math skills—especially in college algebra and pre-calculus (at a minimum).
    • Take Advanced Placement courses in math, life sciences and physical sciences. However, be aware that while Cornerstone awards credit for good scores on AP exams, not all graduate schools will accept AP courses in lieu of an actual college-level course.

Career Guide for STEM Majors

Graduates of STEM programs are changing the world. To learn more about why you should consider a pre-physician's assistant major and what you can do with a STEM degree, get our STEM-specific career guide.

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