Influence matters.

Our world needs Christ-centered influencers, professionals and communicators. A major in Spanish prepares you to advance in your knowledge and proficiency in the Spanish language and the diverse peoples and cultures it represents. It also readies you for advanced language studies, teaching or other professions in which a knowledge of the Spanish language and diverse cultural products and perspectives are required.

Qualities for Career Success

Cornerstone University's academic programs reflect our commitment to develop your knowledge, skills and attitudes in five distinct yet interconnected areas: specialized knowledge, applied knowledge and collaborative learning, intellectual skills, civic and global learning and biblical worldview integration.

This means that successful completion of our Bachelor of Arts in Spanish degree program equips you to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Hispanic cultures and the four linguistic abilities—reading, writing, speaking and listening—in the target language.
    • Analyze cultural products, practices and perspectives from the Spanish-speaking world in relation to those of your home culture.
  • Utilize target language to analyze cultural products within their cultural and social context.
    • Communicate at the advanced-low proficiency level in the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes of communication both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Demonstrate your ability to integrate both traditional and non-traditional cognitive skills, including analytical inquiry, information literacy, quantitative fluency and communicative fluency.
  • Demonstrate intercultural competence in addressing civic, social, environmental and economic issues.
  • Articulate a Christ-centered worldview and its personal, professional and communal embodiment through Christian virtues.