Cultivate interest in foreign languages as a high school teacher.

Our Spanish education major prepares you to teach foreign language courses in a high school classroom. With course work in subject areas such as linguistics and teaching methods, you'll develop the skills necessary for effective communication of Spanish language instruction and become knowledgeable about methods for introducing students to a second language.

Beyond strengthening your conversational language abilities, studies in Spanish education teach you how to present issues of cultural awareness with sensitivity in the classroom. This equips you to provide rich language immersion and cultural experiences for students.

Plan Your Degree Program

A selection of required liberal arts and major classes prepare you to thrive as a character-driven teacher and education professional. Download a semester-by-semester class planning guide for an example of how you can finish an education degree in four years.

Four-Year Degree Plan

Graduate Outcomes

We're committed to preparing you to influence culture as a highly qualified Spanish teacher. For example, Cornerstone University graduates have taught and worked in public, Christian and international schools.

  • Ada Vista
  • Wyoming Junior High
  • East Kentwood High School
  • Southwest Community
  • Mill Creek Middle School

Begin Your Career as a Spanish Teacher

We're committed to providing you purpose-guided academic and career planning support throughout your entire college journey. To learn more about our Spanish education major, contact the Admissions Office by calling 800.787.9778.

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