Review payment methods.

Payment Checklist

  1. Receive and review your invoice. Upcoming payment invoices will be mailed to you. Payment is due two weeks before your class begins.

  2. Submit the voucher required for employer billing (if applicable). If your employer is contributing toward your educational costs, submit a completed tuition voucher from your place of work no later than two weeks prior to the start of your course.

  3. Complete the Tuition Discount form (if applicable) prior to the start of your first course. You may submit the form to your admissions representative with proof of employment.

  4. Access your student account on the CU Portal. To access your account online:
    • Complete the CU Portal login process.
    • Click the "WebAdvisor" tab.
    • Choose "WebAdvisor for Students."
    • Select "Financial Information."

  5. Pay your bill.  Please review the available forms of payment accepted by PGS:
    • Check or Money Order
      Please make your payment out to "Cornerstone University" and mail it to:
              Cornerstone University
              Attn. PGS Student Financial Services
              1001 East Beltline Ave NE
              Grand Rapids, MI 49525
    • Credit or Debit Card
      Credit or debit payments can be made by calling PGS Student Financial Services at 616.222.1503. If using this payment method, your total will include a 2.5% service fee.
    • ACH Payments
      ACH payments can be made through the CU Portal. To determine the payment amount needed, please call PGS Student Financial Services.

Pay My Bill

Military Funding

Cornerstone University is recognized as a Military Friendly School. In recognition and appreciation for your service, active duty military personnel are eligible for a 10% tuition discount.

  1. After completing the Student Financial Success Guide, submit proof of your service. Please send the following documents, if relevant, to your enrollment representative during the admission process:
    • Honorably Discharged
      Submit a copy of your DD214. Duplicates can be obtained from
    • Active Duty
      Submit a copy of your current, non-expired Military ID and a DD220 (Active Duty Report).

  2. Complete Cornerstone University's VA Authorization Form. Submit the VA Authorization Form to the PGS Admissions office no later than two weeks before the start of your first course.

  3. Apply for education benefits. Apply online for education benefits or through VONAPP during the admission process.
    • Submit your Certificate of Eligibility to Cornerstone University's VA benefits coordinator when received. Those who qualify for chapter 1606 or 1607 must also include a Notice of Basic Eligibility.
    • If you have used benefits at a previous institution or will be changing from a bachelor's to a master's program, submit the VA Change of Program/Place of Training form 22-1995 to both the St. Louis Regional Office and Cornerstone University.

Additional Information

  • Certification — Your Cornerstone Certifying Official will certify your benefits according to your enrollment and billed cost of tuition and required fees. This certification communicates your enrollment and expenses to the VA so they can award your eligible benefits. Expect a 2-10 week time frame for all benefits to be received.
  • Re-certification — Your Cornerstone Certifying Official will certify your benefits in advance for each course start date to ensure timely awarding of benefits. You must notify your Certifying Official of all enrollment changes as far in advance as possible. If you register for a class, drop a class or change programs, notify your Certifying Official immediately.