Christian higher education is within reach.

Given our commitment to serve the best interest of our students and because the world needs more Christ-centered professionals, Cornerstone University is restructuring traditional undergraduate pricing beginning in 2018. The restructure includes:

  • Expansion of the block tuition. Effective January 2018, the range of credit hours within the standard block of base tuition will increase from 12-17 to 12-18 credit hours.
  • A one-year tuition freeze for returning students. Net tuition—tuition less Cornerstone's provision of non need-based aid—will generally remain the same for returning students for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Reduction in the base tuition sticker price. Starting with the fall 2018 semester, tuition pricing for the academic year will be $24,500 for traditional undergraduate students, a decline from the 2017-18 price of $27,520 as part of a restructure of our net tuition-pricing model.

Already one of the midwest region's best values in college education according to U.S. News & World Report, these changes occur in the midst of a flourishing campus environment. This academic year marks the launch of our new nursing and engineering programs and an opportunity to break ground for a new $15.5 million academic science center.

Why We Made This Change

We're committed to making higher education more accessible. Our pricing restructure plan seeks to address the needs of our students and the realities of Christian higher education so as to equip more men and women to influence our world for Christ.

As such, it is our goal that this plan will provide the opportunity for even more students to consider Cornerstone, a community where Jesus Christ is central. That even more students will experience a thriving community of fully devoted followers of Jesus in a spiritually contagious, academically excellent, richly resourced and culturally diverse learning environment. That even more students will have access to effective, practical degrees that lead to meaningful careers and above-average placement rates. And that even more students will be fully prepared to succeed in graduate school.

Please Note: Cornerstone is committed to regular assessment of student needs and accessibility of all of our academic programs. Currently, students enrolled in our Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Professional & Graduate Studies divisions pay alternative tuition rates. As such, the pricing restructure only applies to those students enrolled in our traditional undergraduate programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this pricing restructuring being done now?
    For us, the decision to restructure our tuition pricing has been a three-year planning process. To the best of our knowledge, we are among the first CCCU schools to do this to address the issue of affordability in higher education.
  • What does this change mean for the University?
    Let us be clear, this restructure is about a desire to more accurately align our pricing for students and families; it will not change the quality of our academic programming or student-focused learning community. We are committed to continuing to offer effective, practical and relevant degrees that lead to meaningful careers.
  • What is the new price? And how many hours are included in the block?
    As of fall 2018, the in-block tuition price for full-time undergraduate students will be $24,500 per year. And effective January 2018, the block includes 12-18 credit hours.
  • Will the cost for room and board change?
    Yes, you can expect a modest increase in the cost for room and board.

For Future Cornerstone Students

  • How can I get an idea of how much it will cost me to attend?
    If you are considering Cornerstone as part of your college search, use our Net Price Calculator to estimate how much it will cost you to attend Cornerstone as a future student.

For Current Cornerstone Students

  • How does this change impact current Cornerstone students?
    Pricing for our current students will be adjusted based on the new, lower tuition rate. At the same time, additional adjustments will be made to the scholarships and financial aid options awarded to you by the University, resulting in a yearly cost of tuition that is the same or lower as you've paid in the past year.
  • Will I be paying less next year?
    You should expect to pay the same amount or possibly a bit less next year. This is dependent on whether your personal situation remains the same and whether you plan to be enrolled full time (12-18 credits).
  • What do I need to do as a current student?
    No action is required on your part. Our Student Financial Services team has prepared a document which explains what you may expect after the pricing restructure next fall. These documents were placed in the campus mailboxes for residental students and are available in the Student Financial Services Office for commuter students.
  • What happens the following year? Will the price go up?
    Due to the rising cost of operations for Cornerstone each year, the tuition freeze is only for next year (2018-19). However, as a result of the pricing restructure, the base on which future tuition increases are determined is lower.

Ask Us A Question

If you have questions about whether or not your tuition rate is effected, please contact or stop by our Student Financial Services Office with any questions about your specific tuition costs. We'd be glad to talk with you.

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