Understanding the fine print of the FAFSA.

FAFSA Checklist

  • Apply for a Federal Student Aid ID.
    • When you and your parent obtain your FSA ID, keep a record of it for use on future FAFSAs and loan applications. (A parent's FSA ID may be used on other children's FAFSAs as well).
    • If you have problems when applying for a FSA ID, you may print off the signature page, sign it, and send it to our office for online entry.
  • Other necessary information to complete the FAFSA:
    • Social Security number (both yours and your parents').
    • Driver's license number.
    • Tax forms (if you are a dependent student you will also need your parent's tax forms).
    • Untaxed income information as requested on the FAFSA.
    • Asset information.
    • Cornerstone's School Code: 002266.

Begin your FAFSA application


Use completed federal tax documents. Be sure to keep copies of all tax/income information for future reference. If taxes are not yet complete, you may estimate your information, and later update it when the actual figures are available. Do not pay anyone to file the FAFSA for you.

  • Answer all questions as instructed. Failure to answer items accurately (or at all) will cause delays and may result in exclusion from consideration for specific aid programs.
  • Do not leave the gender question blank! FAFSA can not determine your gender by your name.
  • Do not leave question 23 blank (the drug conviction question). Enter "no" if you have never been convicted of an illegal drug offense.
  • Do not leave question 26 blank! You must indicate whether you graduated from either high school, home school, or received a GED. This is not a yes or no question. If you select "none of the above" you will be required to provide additional information to your school.
  • We highly encourage you to use the IRS Data Retrieval Option. You can elect to retrieve your tax information from the IRS. Allow about two weeks after you file your return for the information to be available.
  • If you elect not to use the IRS data match, determine the type of tax form you filed (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) and refer to line numbers as directed in the instructions.
  • If filing electronically, print a copy of the FAFSA for your records before submitting. If you do not receive a "submission confirmation" the FAFSA has not been submitted and no school will receive your information.
  • Submit this form by March 1, for priority consideration of state of Michigan aid programs during the Fall semester. Forms submitted after March 1 will still be considered for federal and institutional aid.
  • The final deadline for filing your FAFSA is June 30, or your last day of enrollment, whichever is earlier.
  • If you have questions or problems with this process, call us at 616.222.1424.
  • Additional FAFSA Resource: 7 Steps to the FAFSA.

Contact Us

Questions regarding the FAFSA can be directed to 616.222.1424 or financial.aid@cornerstone.edu.